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Man Singh Rajpoot And Another vs Abhishek Singh Meena

High Court Of Judicature at Allahabad|16 August, 2019
Court No. - 10
Case :- CONTEMPT APPLICATION (CIVIL) No. - 5225 of 2019 Applicant :- Man Singh Rajpoot And Another Opposite Party :- Abhishek Singh Meena, District Magistrate / Collector Counsel for Applicant :- Prashant Pandey
Hon'ble Mahesh Chandra Tripathi,J.
By order dated 8.2.2019 passed in Public Interest Litigation (PIL) No.255 of 2019 filed by the applicant, the Court directed as under:
"The petitioners are permitted to move a fresh comprehensive representation to the District Magistrate along with a copy of the public interest litigation within two weeks from the date of receipt of certified copy of this order. In the event any such representation is made, exercise mentioned in aforementioned paragraphs- (i) & (ii) shall be completed by the District Magistrate as early as possible preferably within four months from the date of communication of this order.
The public interest litigation is, accordingly, disposed of."
It has been averred in the affidavit filed in support of the contempt application that a certified copy of the aforesaid order was submitted for compliance before the opposite party but the opposite party has wilfully not complied with the order and, thus, has committed civil contempt liable for punishment under Section 12 of the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971.
Prima facie a case of contempt has been made out. However, considering the facts and circumstances of the case, one more opportunity is afforded to the opposite party to comply with the aforesaid order of the Court within three months from the date of production of a certified copy of this order.
The applicants shall supply a duly stamped registered envelope addressed to the opposite party and another self-addressed stamped envelope to the office within one week from today. The office shall send a copy of this order along with the self- addressed envelope of the applicants with a copy of contempt application to the opposite party within one week thereafter and keep a recorded thereof.
The opposite party shall comply with the directions of the writ court and intimate him of the order through the self-addressed envelop within a week thereafter.
With the aforesaid observations, this application is disposed of at this stage with liberty to the applicant to move a fresh application, if the order is not complied with by the opposite party within the stipulated time as aforementioned.
Order Date :- 16.8.2019 RKP
Disclaimer: Above Judgment displayed here are taken straight from the court; Vakilsearch has no ownership interest in, reservation over, or other connection to them.
  • Mahesh Chandra Tripathi
  • Prashant Pandey