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Leelabhai Punjabhai Bariya vs State Of Gujarat &

High Court Of Gujarat|07 April, 2015
1. The present application is filed by the convict through jail seeking temporary bail for a period of 30 days so as to construct the sanitary block.
1.1 The application is supported by the certificate issued by the Sarpanch of Antroli Gram Panchayat, Taluka - Mangrol, District - Junagadh.
2. Learned APP Mr.Patel invited attention of the Court to the jail remarks. The convict has undergone 6 years 3 months and 7 days as on 25.3.2015. During this period, he has availed Page 1 of 2 R/CR.MA/6224/2015 ORDER temporary bail only once - in the month of July,2014 and reported in time. Beside that, he has enjoyed two furlough and reported in time. His jail remarks are reported to be bad but, taking into consideration the contents of Column No.18 of the jail remarks, the conduct cannot be said to be so grave that he will be disentitled for consideration of his application for temporary bail specially for construction of sanitary block.
3. The matter requires consideration.
4. Rule. Learned APP Mr.H.K.Patel waives service of Rule on behalf of Respondents.
5. For the contents of the application, the same is partly allowed. The convict is ordered to be released on temporary bail for a period of three weeks from the date of his release, on his executing a personal bond of Rs.5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only) to the satisfaction of the Jail authorities and also on observing other usual terms and conditions.
6. The convict shall surrender to the Jail authorities on expiry of the temporary bail period.
7. Rule is made absolute to the aforesaid extent.
(RAVI R.TRIPATHI, J.) (R.D.KOTHARI, J.) vipul Page 2 of 2
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