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Ganpatsinh Hemantsinh Jadeja vs Sajubha Balubha Jadeja

High Court Of Gujarat|18 February, 2019
GANPATSINH HEMANTSINH JADEJA Versus SAJUBHA BALUBHA JADEJA ========================================================== Appearance:
MRS.DHARITA P MALKAN for the PETITIONER(s) No. MS.KHUSHBOO V MALKAN for the PETITIONER(s) No. MR DEVARSHI C SHAH for the RESPONDENT(s) No. ========================================================== CORAM: HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE G.R.UDHWANI Date : 18/02/2019 IA ORDER Application is allowed. List the main matter in the next week.
(G.R.UDHWANI, J) syed/ Page 1 of 1
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  • G R Udhwani