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Dalpatbhai Andersinh Nayak vs State Of ...

High Court Of Gujarat|04 May, 2016
DALPATBHAI ANDERSINH NAYAK....Appellant(s) Versus STATE OF GUJARAT....Opponent(s)/Respondent(s) ========================================================== Appearance:
HCLS COMMITTEE, ADVOCATE for the Appellant(s) No. 1 MR. YOGENDRA THAKORE, ADVOCATE for the Appellant(s) No. 1 RULE SERVED for the Appellant(s) No. 1 MS. CHETNA M SHAH, ADDITIONAL PUBLIC PROSECUTOR for the Opponent(s)/Respondent(s) No. 1 ========================================================== CORAM: HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE KS JHAVERI and HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE BIREN VAISHNAV Date : 04/05/2016 FARAD (PER : HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE KS JHAVERI) For reasons recorded in the judgment dictated today, the Hon'ble Court has passed the following order:
"In the result the appeal is dismissed. The impugned judgment and order dated 13.04.2011, passed by the Additional Sessions Judge, Panchmahal at Godhra, in Sessions Case No. 67 of 2010, is hereby confirmed. His bail bond stands cancelled. The Jail Remark shows that the accused is absconding, hence, necessary action shall be taken to secure his arrest. R&P, if any, lying here be sent to the Court below forthwith."
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