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Bijiyabhai Ramabhai Vasaiya vs Jetiyabhai Manjibhai Vasaiya Who ...

High Court Of Gujarat|22 February, 2019
It is submitted that on the ground that the learned advocate was posing irrelevant questions to the witness, the trial court has reprimanded him repeatedly. It is contended that in absence of any provision under the Indian Evidence Act or Civil Procedure Code, the court cannot reprimand an advocate though it may disallow irrelevant questions in its discretion. Learned advocate submitted that matter is now posted with the trial court on 25.02.2019 and it is apprehended that court may adopt the same course.
In above view of the matter, pending admission of this petition, it is directed that trial court would not record any reprimands concerning the learned advocate, though it will be open for it to decide about relevancy of the questions put by the learned advocate. S.O. to 29.03.2019. Direct service is permitted today.
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  • G R Udhwani