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Supermarket Business Plan - An Overview

Retail being one of the most active sectors of the Indian economy has been expanding at an unheard-of rate. At the moment, it employs more than 8% of India's whole workforce and generates more than 10% of India's GDP. According to experts, the retail sector will expand by at least 10% over the next ten years, making it a profitable business choice.

Do you have any plans to open a small supermarket? If so, you should start by creating a business plan for the same. Get to know the nuances to write a micro supermarket business plan in this post, as well as why it is crucial for establishing any kind of enterprise.

Benefits of Drafting a Small Supermarket Business Plan

  • You will get a clear idea about the total amount of capital and commitment required to launch the business
  • Gives you the chance to research the sector's undercurrents and obtain deeper insight into how the retail industry operates
  • Makes it simpler to find investors and raise money because the ideal investment pitch can be found in a micro supermarket business plan
  • Helps the business owners to keep track of all the factors and create a backup plan to lessen risk
  • By dividing your goals into manageable milestones and objectives, this strategy to begin a business is organised.

Checklist for a Mini Supermarket Business Plan

Investment and Capital

The amount required to launch this type of business can range from ₹10 lakhs to ₹2 crores, depending on the size of the store. Drawing out estimates for your setup and operating expenditures is therefore the first thing you should do so that you are aware of the precise amount of capital you need. Once you've done that, decide how you will use the funding you receive to produce the greatest returns. Every supermarket business plan or investor pitch you produce should include this information.


Choose your desired location by taking into account your demography or by positioning yourself close to your rivals. Relieving your consumers' pain points will help you gain more clients and edge out the competition if you have recognised their problems. To find the ideal commercial space for your venture, you can speak with local agents in person or browse real estate websites online.

Business Licenses

Making sure you are legally compliant is one of the most important decisions you can make when starting a new business. To comprehend all the licenses and registrations you'll need, consult with a lawyer about your goals. To be legally compliant by the time the operation launches, start working on the documentation now.

Products and Services

To choose the goods and services you wish to provide, you will also need to undertake market research. Entrepreneurs can decide to specialise and offer solely organic goods, or they can open a high-end store that sells goods from other countries. Before selecting your products, you may need to take into account your target market, your target demographic, and the option's economic viability.


Last but not least, you must choose your product sourcing strategy because it will directly affect your ability to generate sales and profit margins. Any business needs to choose the best quality at the best price, and doing so will be simple if you have strong ties with your suppliers.

Essentials of a Supermarket Business Plan

Market research can help you to collect the following information

  • Customer history
  • Target audience
  • Living conditions and available disposable income
  • Purchase preferences
  • How frequently do you buy?

Analysing competitors will help to comprehend the following

  • What goods do they market?
  • How much traffic do they like?
  • What are the clients' main points of pain?
  • How strong is their sense of identification and brand loyalty?
  • Can you provide the same service and product at a lower price and compete with the competitors?

Analyse your inventory and purchases to determine how much stock you'll need. Finding a target market and identifying your competitive advantages can be accomplished with the aid of your unique selling proposition and market value proposition.

Financial study to determine how much capital you need. You will also need to assess your company's potential growth and profit margins. When calculating your investment requirements, you must take into account the costs listed below;

  • Setup expenses such as remodelling and interior design
  • Rent, purchasing and storing expenses for inventory
  • Staffing costs
  • Cost of equipment and technology
  • Taxes and business licenses
  • The price of marketing and insurance

Legal requirements include the need for building permits, tax registrations, and trading licenses. Pricing of goods with a markup that ranges from 35% to 65% in most traditional grocery stores, leaving a margin of 5% to 20%.

The number of employees needed and your recruitment strategy, marketing and advertising tactics, such as opening an online store. Last but not least, you must add a slide in your supermarket business plan outlining how you will use the funding.

Documents Required

  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card
  • Electricity/water/broadband bill not older than three months
  • Bank account statement
  • Photograph of the applicant
  • Incorporation certificate
  • GST registration certificate

Why Vakilsearch?

Proper business strategy is crucial for achieving greater ROI. The strategy must include all of the costs necessary for carrying out the actions and figuring out how to benefit from them. Get in touch with our business experts to draft a perfect action plan for your supermarket business. Our Business experts are adept when it comes to resolving all your doubts and initiating the required business process.

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