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All HS Codes or HSN Codes for aluminium cable scrap with GST Rates
Waste and scrap, of aluminium (excluding slags, scale and the like from iron and steel production, containing recoverable aluminium in the form of silicates, ingots or other similar unwrought shapes, of remelted waste and scrap, of aluminium, ashes and residues from aluminium production)
HSN CodeDescriptionGST%
76020010ALUMINIUM SCRAP COVERD BY ISRI CODE TABLETTABLOID,TABOO,TAINT/TABOR,TAKE, TALAP, TALCRED,TALDACK,TALDON,TA ,Products include: Aluminium Cable Scrap, Aluminium Ubc Scrap, Aluminium Waste And Scrap, Aluminum Scrap, Old Aluminium Scrap18%