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All HS Codes or HSN Codes for aircraft spacecraft with GST Rates
Cereal groats, meal and pellets
HSN CodeDescriptionGST%
110312TOUGHENED(TEMPERED)SAFETY GLASS OF SIZE AND SHAPE SUITABLE FOR INCORPORATION IN VEHICLES AIRCRAFT,SPACECRAFT OR VESS Products Include: Glass Windscreen, Front Windshield Set (Glass), Of Size And Shape Suitable For Incorporation In Vehicles, Aircraft, Spacecraft Or Vessels, Welding Glass 5%
110311Laminated safety glass, of size and shape suitable for incorporation in motor vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft, vessels and other vehicles (excluding multiple-walled insulating units of glass) Products Include: Windsheild Glass 5%
Safety glass, toughened "tempered", laminated safety glass (excluding multiple-walled insulating units of glass, glasses for spectacles and clock or watch glasses)
Instrument panel clocks and clocks of a similar type for vehicles, aircraft, vessels and other vehicles