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How to get an FSSAI License online

There are 3 kinds of FSSAI Licenses – Basic, Central, and State. Every food business must register for an FSSAI License under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. Vakilsearch helps you register for an FSSAI License in 3 simple ways –

Documents Verification

We collect and verify the documents like Form B, list of partners, processing unit plan, food category list, NOC

Step 1

Filing Application

We file the FSSAI application on your behalf

Step 2

Procurement of the License

You procure the FSSAI License and enjoy legal benefits, goodwill and create consumer awareness.

Step 3

Food License Registration in Sikkim - Overview

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an autonomous body constituted under the Government of India's Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. The FSSAI was established in compliance with the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, which is a consolidating food safety and regulation law in India.

The Food License or FSSAI (Food Safety Standards Act Of India) created under the FSSAI Act 2009 is a mandatory requirement for Food Business Operators to have. The company is no longer legal in the event the Food Business doesn't get it, and continues to operate.

FSSAI in Sikkim:

FSSAI Registration in Sikkim is an important strategy by the Sikkim government which fulfills all the requirements for starting a food business, which is required for food processing, food factories, and other food businesses. FSSAI in Sikkim stands for the Sikkim Food Health and Standards Authority.

FSSAI Registration in Sikkim is simply a 14-digit registration number which will be printed later on food items and food packages. The Sikkim government ensures that the food is maintained by quality controls, which in effect decreases the chances of adulteration, and further builds trust in millions of customers.

Application for a new FSSAI license to the FSSA Authority includes online registration on the FSSA website and preparation of document files according to the licensing criteria, as per the Central / State licensing / registration requirements.

Register Food License

Types of FSSAI License:

FSSAI, however, provides three different types of food licenses, they are:

  • 1. Basic Registration
  • State License
  • Central License
  • However, the three licenses vary based on the scale of activity the food business performs. The following are specific details about the three licenses for the food.

    FSSAI Basic Registration:

    For all those people who start a new business in this industry and those who have 12 lakhs turnover, FSSAI basic registration is required. If the sale is increased, FSSAI registration can be transferred to state registration.

    FSSAI State License:

    This license extends to mid-sized companies that have an annual turnover of between Rs.12 lakhs-20 crores. And if the operator operates in two states or more they may also apply for a central license.

    FSSAI Central License:

    This license is usually applicable to large companies with an annual turnover above Rs.20 crores. In cases where you need to supply food to government offices or import/export goods, a Central License is also required.

    Benefits of Food License Registration in Sikkim

  • Today’s consumer knows the concept of FSSAI license very well. Thus, they ensure the FSSAI marking on the packaging of the food products they are buying. Thus, an FSSAI logo that is affixed on products then the customer will most probably buy your product only.
  • If you have a food license and your competitor doesn't have a valid license you get the advantage of a better market image. You can display your licenses prominently on the premises of your business because it helps improve its reputation as a credible food establishment.
  • Furthermore, the license makes it easier for businesses to receive bank loans and also the funds required for expansion.
  • Most business operators find the FSSAI licensing process to be lengthy, tedious, and costly, so they try to avoid taking this license. However, obtaining the certificate is mandatory for them and they can't avoid it in the long run.
  • To skip any legal trouble, they have to apply for the FSSAI license. The process isn't even that complicated and costly now with so many consultancies. Complying with FSSAI regulations allows you to successfully run your business, without legal consequences.
  • Checklist of Eligibility criteria for FSSAI License:

    The applicants below are eligible for an FSSAI license in Sikkim.

    FSSAI State License:

    For Manufacturers:

    Each food processing unit including re-packers and re-labelers(more than 100 kg / ltr daily to 2 MT daily).
    Vegetable oil processing sectors and vegetable oil production units through solvent extraction processes and refineries including oil expeller units(up to 2 MT for a day and turnover of above 12 lakhs per year).
    Dairy units like chilling milk units designed for handling or processing(501 liters to 50,000 liters of milk per day or more than 2.5 MT to 2500 MT of milk solids per annum).
    Slaughter1) Big animals - a scale of above 2 and up to 50 per day. 2) Small animals - Above 10 and up to 150 per day. 3) Poultry - Above 50 and up to 1000 birds of poultry per day)
    Meat processing sector(over 5000 m of meat per day or over 150 MT per year).

    Other businesses:

    Wholesaler(Turnover up to 30 Million)
    Retailer(Turnover up to 20 Crore)
    Supplier(Turnover up to 20 Crore)
    Distributor(Turnover up to 20 Crore)

    FSSAI Central License:

    For Manufacturers:

    Each food processing unit including re-packers and re-labelers packers(Above 2 MT per day).
    Vegetable oil processing sectors and vegetable oil production units through solvent extraction processes and refineries including oil expeller units(More than 2 MT per day).
    Dairy units like chilling milk units designed for handling or processing(Above 50,000 liters of milk for a day or more than 2500 MT of milk solids per year).
    Slaughtering(Large animals above 50 per day, Small animals above 150 per day, Poultry birds above 1000 per day).
    Meat processing sectors(Above 5000m meat for a day or 150 MT per year)

    For other businesses:

    Wholesaler(Turnover of above 30 Crore)
    Retailer(Turnover exceeding 20 Crore)
    Supplier(Turnover of more than 20 Crore)
    Distributor(Turnover of above 20 Crore)

    Food License registration process in Sikkim:

    To apply for FSSAI registration or license in Sikkim, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official website of the FSSAI licensing and registration system of Sikkim
  • Tap on “Apply Now for License/Registration” which is available on the homepage of the portal.
  • Then, on the next page, choose the State for which the license is to be applied from the drop-down list.
  • Now the applicant has to choose the appropriate answer for the “Yes or No” question related to the branch of the company functioning at more than 1 state.
  • Choose all the kinds of businesses, which are located in one place, for which license is to be applied
  • Check the capacity or turnover for determining the eligibility for that category for each kind of business selected and click on the ‘Proceed’ button
  • After clicking on the Proceed button, the current page will be redirected to another page, where you have to select the link named “Click here to apply”
  • Now the declaration page will open up, to click the “Accept” button
  • The application form will be displayed on the screen, fill the form with the necessary details, and upload the documents required.
  • Once the online submission of the form is over, the applicant has to initiate payment to finish the process
  • After the successful payment, a reference number will be generated.
  • Documents required for Food License Registration in Sikkim

  • Form B duly filled out and signed.
  • Processing unit plan showing all measurements and operating area allocation.
  • List of managers/partners/owners, along with address, contact details, and photo ID
  • List the name of equipment and machinery to be used with the number and capability installed.
  • List of food categories to be produced.
  • Manufacturer Authority letter.
  • Report on water analysis to be included in the process
  • Proof of ownership of premises
  • Partnership deed or affidavit of proprietorship
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) and copy of License from the manufacturer.
  • Certificate copy obtained under the Multistate Coop Act 2002 or Coop Act 1861.
  • Food safety management system certificate
  • Form IX
  • Certificate from Ministry of Tourism
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the local body or municipality.
  • Any supporting documentation for proof of turnover and transportation
  • Declaration form
  • FAQs on Food License Registration in Sikkim

    When is it the right time to renew a food license?

    You must apply within 30 days before the validity of the FSSAI License expires.

    Who will provide food licenses to the FBO operating within an airport or seaport premises?

    For business premises in airports or ports, the food license is provided from time to time by APHO (Airport Health Organisation) / PHO (Port Health Organisation) as informed by the Food authority through the online FLRS system.

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