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Let the unique cuisine of Nagaland make business fortunes for you! Start your own food joint here & start your journey as a successful business owner. Get your food license in Nagaland in a few simple steps.

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How to get an FSSAI License online

There are 3 kinds of FSSAI Licenses – Basic, Central, and State. Every food business must register for an FSSAI License under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. Vakilsearch helps you register for an FSSAI License in 3 simple ways –

Documents Verification

We collect and verify the documents like Form B, list of partners, processing unit plan, food category list, NOC

Step 1

Filing Application

We file the FSSAI application on your behalf

Step 2

Procurement of the License

You procure the FSSAI License and enjoy legal benefits, goodwill and create consumer awareness.

Step 3

Food License in Nagaland - Overview

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) established in August 2011 is the authority that provides food licenses to food businesses in India. It made a mandatory rule for food businesses to get a food license before they officially start their business. It was set up by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, as an independent organisation, making the FSSAI the only food corporation in India.

In Nagaland, with the increasing number of tourists every year, there is growing interest among many to begin their own food business. Business owners are looking to attract more customers with exceptional cuisines. The food business owners in Nagaland must get the food license from FSSAI Nagaland.

A food license is granted to a business in Nagaland by FSSAI under various regulations. It is indicated that every food business owner in Nagaland must apply to the designated officer requesting for a food license. The FSSAI grants the food license through either state or the central authority depending on the scale of business.

Register Food License

Checklist types of Food Licenses issued in Nagaland

As mentioned earlier, depending on the scale of the business and its operation extent, the FSSAI licenses are of three kinds. They are as follows:

Central License by FSSAI

FSSAI provides the central license to businesses that operate in different states. Large scale businesses-like, manufacturers, importers, exporters, etc are mostly issued central licenses by FSSAI. The license is provided by the Central Government.

State License by FSSAI

FSSAI provides the state license to businesses that operate within a state. A business must have an annual turnover of Rs.12 lakhs or more to avail of the state license from FSSAI. With the state license, the FBOs can expand their business to other areas within the state. The state license is provided by the State Government itself. Businesses like retailers, distributors, transporters, etc are mostly issued state licenses.

Basic Registration by FSSAI

FSSAI provides the basic registration to FBOs with an annual turnover lesser than Rs.12 lakhs. It is also issued by the State Government. The FBOs like small manufacturers, SMEs, retailers, distributors, etc are given the basic registration by FSSAI.

The validity of these licenses varies from 1 to 5 years.

How to register/renew Food License in Nagaland

As we all know already, the food license must be acquired before starting a business. It is the foremost license an FBO needs before other business-related licenses.

The following steps are followed while registering for a food license in Nagaland.

  • FSSAI Nagaland food license registration starts with the submission of Form A to the Department of Food and Safety.
  • The application is either accepted or rejected by the department. The time taken for this is less than 7 days.
  • If the department accepts the application, it will then provide a registration certificate with a unique registration number along with the applicant’s photograph.
  • This certificate can be displayed by the FBO at the business location during business hours.

    The license must be renewed once its validity ends. To renew the license, the FBO must follow the below steps:

  • Renewal of an FSSAI license must be initiated with the submission of Form B to the authorities of Central or State Licensing.
  • The business operator must support the application by submitting a self-attested declaration conforming to follow the regulations of the Food Safety and Standards Act. It also declares that business practices follow the Health and Sanitary Practices Guidelines.
  • The licensee renewal fee is given by the business operator alongside the application.
  • The authorities will be issuing the new license in 60 days.
  • If not being informed of the renewal status within 60 days, the FBO can begin the business operations and need not wait for the authorities to confirm the status.
  • There is a penalty if the registration or the renewal of the license is delayed than the recommended time. FSSAI imposes two types of penalties on the FBO They are

  • FSSAI Penalty for Delayed License Renewal
  • FSSAI Penalty on Delayed License Registration
  • A penalty fee is involved in both cases.

    Documents Required during Registration for Food License in Nagaland

    The following documents are required for food license registration:

  • Business operator’s photograph (Multiple copies recommended)
  • Premise Possession Confirmation Evidence
  • MoA/ AoA/ Certificate of Incorporation/ Partnership Deed.
  • Product list details (manufactured/processed/stored food list).
  • Drafted plan on food safety management system.
  • Form-B in case of State/Central license. (Signed and completely furnished)
  • Signed and completely furnished Form-A. (This is in case of registration only).
  • Details of the nominated person in the place of a business owner or for any other authorized position.
  • Payment of the fee included.
  • FAQs on Food License in Nagaland

    How to check the FSSAI license number in Nagaland?

    You can check the FSSAI license number using the official FSSAI website.

    Does a business selling homemade food online on a small scale need a food license?

    All food businesses must secure an FSSAI basic registration before initiating their operations.

    What FSSAI license will I require to sell food online?

    Depending on the scale of your business, you can either get a state license or a central license.

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