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PRECISION BLANKING (INDIA) LIMITED, located in Patna, is driven by . It is a Public company, incorporated on Apr 22, 1978. It is classified as a Non-govt company and registered at Patna. The registration number for the mentioned company is 001326 and its Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is U34300BR1978PLC001326 having an Dissolved status currently.

PRECISION BLANKING (INDIA) LIMITED's registered address is DIGHAGHAT PATNA BR 800011 IN. Its Annual General Meeting (AGM) was last held on -. As per the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) records, the balance sheet was filed on -, with an authorized share capital of 50,00,000 and its paid-up capital is 41,23,500.

The primary email address of the contact person is

Basic Information

CIN :U34300BR1978PLC001326
Registration Number :001326
Date of Incorporation :Apr 22, 1978
Registered State :Bihar
Registration Of Companies :RoC-Patna
Category :Company limited by Shares
Sub Category :Non-govt company
Company Class :Public
Company Status :Dissolved

Share Capital Information

Authorized Capital :5000000
Paidup Capital :4123500
Number of Members (Applicable in case of company without Share Capital) :0

Company registration banner 86ce065a637d79516abbc40e3294dc72109bbb5cbdd60a82f4c92e6da424e090

Listing & Annual Information

Whether Listed or not :Unlisted
Date of last AGM :-
Date of Balance Sheet :-
Address other than R/o where all or any books of account and papers are maintained :-
Suspended at stock exchange :-
Principal Business Activity :Manufacturing (Machinery & Equipments)

Charge Details

Assets under charge :-
Charge Amount :1000000
Date of Creation :14/01/2000
Date of Modification :24/07/2003
Status :OPEN
Assets under charge :Book debts
Charge Amount :2000000
Date of Creation :12/04/2005
Date of Modification :-
Status :OPEN
Assets under charge :Book debts
Charge Amount :2500000
Date of Creation :23/12/2002
Date of Modification :14/02/2003
Status :OPEN

Contact Information

Email Id :-
Registered Office Address :DIGHAGHAT PATNA BR 800011 IN.
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