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Why Trademark Registration Is Most Important for Online Businesses?

If you want to run a successful business in India, you simply cannot skip the step of trademarking your brand’s identity. Moreover, if you wish to operate your business successfully online, you need to understand the significance of trademark protection in that light.

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In June 2020, Hyundai Motors India Ltd registered the trademark ‘Alcazar’ with the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. The registration has been done under class 12 of trademark classifications in India. The goods and service classification for the trademark mentions it as an automobile of the SUV category. Therefore, it is expected to be the name for the upcoming 7-seater SUV by Hyundai in India.
The high court issued its 8-1 ruling reversing the lower court’s order. Lower courts had sided with, but the Trump administration had appealed to the Supreme Court. The case in question is United States Patent and Trademark Office v.
Nissan India is launching its upcoming compact SUV under the brand name ‘Magnite’. Nissan has recently registered this trademark which was earlier with the Datsun Brand. After dissolving the Datsun brand in India, the ‘Magnite’ trademark has been registered again under the Nissan brand.

In the world of online business, Google and Facebook are the shopping district, billboard, and phone directory all rolled into one. If you lose your identity there you may also lose your business. Keep reading to learn more about why trademarking is a must for online businesses.

Despite their popularity, even well-established online businesses such as and face issues of trademark infringement and piracy, implying that smaller brands are even easier targets for brand pirates.

Third-party trademark

Third-party TM impersonators are costing many companies money. Grofers, for example, is competing with Groffrs, Bookmyshow is competing with Bookmyoffer, and Naukri is competing with Naukrinews and Naukrie. 

Moreover, in addition to the threat of losing their business, they may also lose credibility. After all, if Groffrs fails to deliver a customer’s groceries correctly, that customer may convey to his friends that Groffers messed up his order.

Thankfully, on account of trademark registration, all of these companies can now sue their impersonators if they do not comply with their cease-and-desist letter because they have applied for or own a registered trademark for their respective brands.

However, no court would have taken their complaint seriously if they lack a registered trademark. Furthermore, if they did not have a registered trademark, the court would be less likely to believe that you are the original owner of the brand.


The Takeaway

Perhaps the likelihood of your brand being imitated by another is low. At the same time, the cost of registration is even lower, and the process is so simple that it makes no sense to go without one. 

The government charges only ₹ 9,000 per application via e-filing per class for a company, and online facilitators charge as little as ₹1999 to complete it. Furthermore, you only need to provide the logo or brand name and the date you began using the brand. Further, you can begin using the trademark symbol beside your name within three days.

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