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Shareholders Agreement

Who Is a Minority Shareholder?

Shareholders are an important part of any company. Learn more about minority shareholders and what are their rights

A minority shareholder is a person who has less than 50% of the shares in a company. A majority shareholder, in contrast, holds over 50% of the shares within a company and therefore holds a majority of the power.

A minority shareholder can take some ability, but they do not transmit the full majority oversight as they, individually, own less than half of the firm. On the other hand, a majority shareholder contract maintains full custody over a firm by invading the prevalence of the company’s investments. Because a majority shareholder occupies over 50% of the company, this provides them greater control over the company’s decisions and specifies the power held by the minority shareholders. 

When a company’s opinion is required to be voted on by shareholders, the majority shareholder will be the one who can almost make or break working on the final judgment as they have the most power and control. A minority shareholder can vote and have their viewpoints heard, but their polls are not enough to quickly impact a company’s judgment.

Responsibilities of Shareholder in a Private Limited Company

The private limited company shareholder is assigned specific rights by the company rules. The following contains the general rule of a shareholder’s rights in a private limited company.

  • Responsibilities to eliminate the directors
  • Responsibilities to collect revenues if approved by directors and authorized by the shareholders
  • Responsibilities to follow a shareholder’s meeting or conference meeting
  • Responsibilities to assign auditors
  • Responsibilities to modify the working of the firm
  • Responsibilities to accept a percentage in liquidation of wealth once any creditors have been paid back.

Shareholders can differ these rights, and exercise their rights in demanding situations, by modifying the essays of the institute. Modifying the articles compels a particular resolution, expecting that 75% of votes will be cast by the shareholders. Draft a shareholder contract of company can also decide to exercise these rights in a specific direction, by joining into a shareholders’ agreement with the other shareholder. 

What Are ‘Minority Shareholder Rights’ or ‘Minority Interests’?

Minority shareholder rights/minority interests are related to the rights that minority shareholders have as per their shareholdings. These liberties will include participation in exchanges and specific audit rights. These rights are specified as the shares that the shareholders are holding are limited. So these types of interests are called non-controlling interests.

As minority shareholder rights under the company’s statements of association are usually relatively exclusive, the shareholders may also join into a Shareholders Contract, which is the best option for formal protection for a minority shareholder. It encourages a minority shareholder to incorporate distinct rules and regulations as per the law.

Minority Shareholder Oppression   

A company is a united organisation, and like any unified organisation, finalises any judgments through its partners and relies on plurality in rules. Any ruling that the majority shareholder(s) make will be seen as indicating the will of the firm and compelling the minority.   

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While this is relatively profitable and representative, such a preference will provide a boost to the attraction of misuse by the majority. This may be prejudicial to minority members as it is apparent for the majority shareholder to insult their abilities to the liability of the minority partners.

For instance, a majority shareholder may nominate majority managers to organise the company to enter into trade contracts that will profit the majority shareholder but not the firm. This, in turn, will cause minority partners to tolerate penalties as they are inadequate to end the contract from moving ahead with their restricted voting rights and supervision over the company.  Therefore, minority shareholders of the company must have safeguards to conserve their rights.

How to Protect Minority Interest in a Company?  

Unlike the majority shareholders who can use their liberties by voting in general conferences, minority shareholders may not have adequate votes to make a variation. Instead, minority shareholders can depend on various ways of contractual or legal treatments to deal with wrongdoing by the company’s controls.

Contractual Protections Under the Shareholders Contract  

The Shareholder agreement is the best aspect of legal protection for a minority shareholder. By linking certain express document requirements in the shareholder’s agreement, the minority shareholder can be saved by these rights beyond those aspects of corporate law.   

A perfect Shareholders Agreement should permit the minority to:  

  • Participate in supervision through board declaration
  • Participate in supervision through council representation
  • Be involved in any main judgments (including a right of veto if possible)
  • Be conserved against its share from being improperly reduced 
  • A decent and adequate diffusion of profits
  • Record to advice about the company’s conspiracies by attaining a right of inspection
  • Save it and the company ahead of dilution based on the shareholder
  • Access to the JV through all rights.

If the holding firm is a shell firm, one may also want to have parental assurance by the absolute parent of each group to the shareholder’s agreement.

How Vakilsearch Can Help in This Scenario?

As you can see minority shareholders also play a crucial role in a company. However, a shareholders agreement should clearly explain the rights and regulations of the minority shareholders. Experts at Vakilsearch help more than 1000 companies in a month with different legal processes. You can reach out to our experts to address any of your queries or to draft a perfect shareholder contract. Reach out to us right now! 

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