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Which Class DSC Is Required for Trademark Registration?

Digital Signature Certificates are the electronic equivalents of physical or paper signatures. It is an indispensable digital must-have. Online trademark registration is not possible without this valuable electronic document. 

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To file a trademark application online, we need to keep certain documents handy. One of those documents is the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). Here, we will discuss several practical benefits of using DSC for a trademark application. Keep reading to learn which class of DSC is required for trademark registration.  

What Is a Digital Signature Certificate?

While incorporating a company and filling multiple compliance forms, you would have come across the term Digital Signature Certificate or DSC. The Digital Signature Certificate contains an electronically encrypted signature that comes with a verifiable key. This particular form of signature is required for various e-filings. Put simply, it is just like a normal signature but in an electronic form with added security and reliability.  

In the case of trademark filing, a person who already has a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) can use the same one for the e-filing of a trademark application and does not have to worry about obtaining a fresh one.

What Is the Use of DSC in Trademark Registration

A valid digital signature certificate is required to use the online filing system for trademarks, as  The Information Technology (IT) Act of 2000 mandates the use of digital signatures on electronic documents to ensure their security and authenticity.

Under the e-filing system, obtaining a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate has been made mandatory. Thus, any individual, attorney, or agent, must obtain a Class 3 DSC before they can proceed with the registration of a trademark.

A trademark application can only be made by a person holding a Class 3 DSC, hence you must opt for this one. Likewise, Class 3 DSC provides the highest level of security and comes with 1-2 year validity. After this period, the DSC needs to be renewed. 

So, if you want to apply for a trademark by yourself, start by applying for a DSC. Or you can get your trademark registered through Vakilsearch without a Digital Signature Certificate.


Benefits of Using a DSC

  • It is highly secure, as it comes with encryption.
  • The privacy necessary for exchanging confidential information online is ensured.
  • Since it is verifiable and unalterable, it offers more certainty and confidence to the users of the information.

How to Obtain a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

A digital certificate for signing documents can be obtained from public and private agencies that have a license to grant the same by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Further, with Vakilsearch, you can get your Digital Signature Certificate easily and quickly as our experts will take care of most of the process for you.

What Are the Types of DSCs and Which One Should You Choose?

There are two types of DSCs. These are:

Class 1: These certificates are awarded after verifying that the subscriber’s information in the application does not contradict data from any well-known consumer database. They’re really not much more than an online proof of identity and are generally not accepted by government bodies. 

Class 3: This class of DSC provides the highest level of protection as a person needs to present themselves in front of a Registration Authority (RA) and prove their identity, and only then will the DSC be approved. 

It is advised to get a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate if your main purpose is to register a trademark.

Besides trademark application, Class 3 DSC has several uses, such as:

Tendering: A Class 3 DSC can be used to apply for online tenders, electronic auctions, and other financial events over the web.

Agency Services: Additionally, any agent booking tickets on behalf of an individual can make use of the Class 3 DSC. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I already have a DSC issued for company filing, do I need another one for trademark filing?

No, the same digital signature certificate can be used for filing a trademark application.

2. Can one digital signature be used to create multiple login IDs?

No, a single DSC cannot create multiple user IDs. Since digital signatures are instruments of authenticity & integrity, they can only be used by the person who owns them. Additionally, one should not allow any other person to use his/her digital signature. Safe custody of digital signature is the responsibility of the owner.


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