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Where Can I Complain About Delayed PF Withdrawal?

Retirement fund organisation If a person has a problem with their provident fund (PF) claim or any other service pertaining to their PF account, they can submit a complaint through the EPFO's online portal.

  • On a special website,, subscribers to the EPFO can register their complaints and monitor the progress of their complaints
  • Your complaint will be resolved by EPFO within 15 days.Last year, EPFO reduced the time frame for settling numerous claims, including PF withdrawal, from 20 days to 10 days
  • However, EPFO has issued a warning that complaints from users would only be taken into consideration if the member’s Universal Portable Account Number (UAN) is provided.

Here’s How to File an Online Complaint Against provident fund

  • Visit, the website of EPFO
  • On the top menu bar, select ‘Register Grievance.’
  • There will be a new page. Choosing the suitable status from the drop-down option is important
  • Enter information such your PF number, the office’s name to which the complaint pertains, your company’s name, and its address
  • Include your name, address, phone number, and email address in the contact information field now
  • Choose the category of complaint from the drop-down option in the third column, and then, in no more than 5000 characters, outline your concern
  • Additionally, you can include PDF files that are related to your complaintTo submit your grievance, complete the captcha that appears on the screen
  • Following the successful submission of your complaint, a registration number will be generated.Keep the registration number on file for future use.

The government has made it possible for anyone to access a non-refundable advance from their employee provident fund in order to assist those who are struggling financially as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the nation (PF). The maximum amount that employees may remove from their PF accounts is 75% of the remaining balance, or three months’ worth of basic pay + dearness allowance, whichever is less.

More About EPFO

‘This advance has received a large number of applications.

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has so far resolved 7.40 lakh Covid-19 claims, according to the most recent press release. The advance under such claims is available for application by employees online.

Working with only a third of its workforce, EPFO is currently attempting to resolve the claims in the order of priority. The claims submitted under COVID-19 are being resolved quickly—within three working days, according to an EPFO press release.

Many people, however, complained on social media platforms about the delays in obtaining the money or the denial of claims. ‘All claims submitted online go to the EPFO’s National Data Centre and are handled there.In the event of any discrepancies, the claims are referred to the regional offices for resolution’, according to an EPFO field staffer from the Gurugram office.

The officer stated that ‘the majority of the delays or denials are caused by faulty papers uploaded by the employees throughout the claim filing process.’

Here Are a Few Reasons Why Claims May Be Denied or Delayed

  • Uncertain cheque book or passbook scan: An employee must upload a scanned copy of the cheque book, the cover page of the passbook, or the bank account statement when submitting a claim online. The applicant’s name, bank account number, and IFSC code must be included in these documents
  • By doing this, it is ensured that all money transactions are accurate and that the bank account information uploaded as part of the KYC process or connected to an employee’s universal account number (UAN) is correct
  • If the scan is unclear, it may be difficult to match the information with what is provided against the employee’s UAN
  •  As a result, EPFO may require you to upload the scanned copy once more, which could cause a delay. Therefore, upload a crisp scan of the document with the bank account information.
  • Incorrect bank account information Sometimes information provided during a claim, such as the bank’s IFSC code or the account number, does not match what is seeded with the UAN. The reason could have been because the employer disseminated false information.
  • It’s also possible that the bank account associated with the UAN has stopped being active. As a result, the user will need to change the bank information. Online updates to bank account information are possible.
  • Sometimes an employee requests that the claim be sent to a bank account other than the one listed next to the UAN number. It needs to be changed as a result.
  • Any modification to the KYC information, however, requires the employer’s approval. Employers can approve modifications online using their digital signatures, but occasionally they are unable to do so because of a continuing lockdown since their system may be at the office, which will cause a delay, according to the field officer.


Inadequate Balance

As the criteria is 75% of the provident fund balance or three months’ worth of basic plus dearness allowance, whichever is smaller, the employee must have contributed for at least three months in order to take the money.

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The Bank’s Time Commitment

Within three days of receiving the claim, the EPFO processes it and sends the bank the check. The money is normally credited to the employee’s account one to three days later by the bank.

Therefore, it’s essential that your paperwork is in order and that your records match what is seeded with your UAN for a hassle-free withdrawal.

Delayed PF Withdrawal Claim

This is what the EPF asks of you: ‘Online claims submitted under COVID-19 are handled automatically and take 72 hours to complete’. However, claims that do not entirely comply with KYC must be processed manually, which takes time. We are also handling other claims, according to EPFO.

Processing time for an EPF claim under Covid19 A check is sent to your bank for crediting the amount after the EPFO processes the claim, and it takes another 1-3 days for the credit to appear in your account. And until the pandemic is over, the facility is accessible to all EPF subscribers.

Notably, users of the service may withdraw funds up to the lower of their basic wage or dearness allowance (DA) on a non-refundable basis. You only need to present the bank with a scanned image of your bank account to submit the claim.

For further information on programmes such as provident fund, withdrawal, and others, please contact our Vakilsearch experts. We answer all of your PF-related questions.

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