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What to Look for When Choosing the Best Secretarial Services for a Company?

A corporate secretarial firm assists organisations in adhering to all applicable corporate laws' rules and regulations and safeguards them against the legal repercussions of non-compliance. Refer to the article to learn about the best secretarial services for a company.

As part of their services, company secretaries make sure their clients’ organisations adhere to legal and regulatory standards. Thus, the best secretarial services for a company are highly significant to ensure that all organisational secretarial duties are handled effectively and suitably.

In addition to the legal repercussions outlined in the Corporate Law, an organisation’s reputation is also affected. When it comes to a company’s reputation, goodwill is crucial since it denotes reliability. Similar to this, your company runs the danger of losing out on important business if it has any secretarial compliance problems.

Factors to Take Into Consideration When Choosing Company Secretarial Services

Pricing and Service Providers

Any person or business trying to buy goods or services will always consider price, and the same is true when you’re looking to hire a corporate secretary for your business. Nevertheless, it is crucial to remember that you shouldn’t choose a business secretary only based on cost.

Different companies’ secretarial service providers provide clients with a range of jobs is a significant factor in this. This includes essential compliance activities like adhering to legal obligations, maintaining statutory documents, and holding board meetings.

To attract customers, company secretary firms frequently price their services at competitive rates before adding several extra fees once the contract is signed.

On the other hand, some corporate secretarial companies demand a premium, but that does not mean they provide all corporate secretarial services. So, when speaking with corporate secretarial services, you might inquire about:

  1. Are filing fees for annual returns included?
  2. Are there additional fees for updating officers, shares, or corporate information?
  3. Is there a penalty for cancelling early?
  4. Is there a transfer charge for company secretaries?
  5. What is the cost of renewal? 

The practice of charging a low initial fee for the first year and then raising it after that is known as common malpractice.


Verify That a Registered Filing Agent Is Providing the Service

A Registered Filing Agent (RFA) is a company or person that, as part of their line of work, conducts any transaction with the Registrar (ACRA) on behalf of another person.

Contrary to popular assumption, it is currently fairly simple to meet the requirements to be hired as a company secretary. A Private Limited Company’s Company Secretary can be just about anyone. However, you are not permitted to serve as both the Company Secretary and the only Director.

However, by selecting a Company Secretary from an RFA, you can be certain of the quality and may have great aspirations of the chosen people.

The Company Secretary’s Availability

If your company is getting ready to sign a deal with an outside corporate secretary company, you should make sure to ask the company the following important inquiries:

  1. Who will be in charge of my company?
  2. Will I be able to speak with the person in question directly?
  3. Do they thoroughly understand the duties and responsibilities they must fulfil?

When searching for a company secretarial for your business, you should make sure that any potential advisors are made up of qualified and seasoned professionals. Even if you choose an outsourced company secretary company, you should confirm that all of the staff members are competent in providing company secretarial services.

You can determine if the allocated person is a good fit for your organisation by looking at the responses to the questions given above.

Consistency and Dependability

The company secretary is the one who needs to keep an eye on the company’s filing deadlines. He or she must be fully aware of the annual compliance requirements of the company about IRAS and ACRA. In addition to fines and penalties, late filings may also have repercussions for the company’s director. This is so because the director bears the bulk of the organisation’s duty. Do you have a forgetful company secretary? Has there ever been a late filing fine that can be easily avoided by submitting on time? You should seek out a corporate secretary who is trustworthy, efficient, and timely with filing.

Updated on the Most Recent Changes and Trends

Legal standards, regulations, and modifications are always changing due to today’s swiftly advancing time and market volatility.

However, as a business owner, it can be particularly difficult to comprehend the legalese and jargon associated with various laws and regulations. Therefore, you need to hire a business secretary that is knowledgeable about the most recent modifications and keeps up with changes to laws, regulations, and legislation.

Corporate Secretary Responsibilities

After deciding which company secretarial services to use for your firm, it is crucial to comprehend the duties of the company secretary, which include the following:


A company secretary’s fiduciary duty requires her/her to operate in the best interests of her client, which includes the shareholders. Corporate secretaries are obligated to give strong instructions on the applicable Corporate Laws and needed Corporate Governance rules whenever a conflict of interest, deception, or misconduct occurs.


One of the core responsibilities of corporate secretarial services is administrative administration, which covers a wide range of activities. Corporate secretaries must make sure that their clients follow all submission requirements and laws as outlined in Indian Company/Corporate Law in their capacity as administrators. Because the word “secretary” appears in their titles, some people mistakenly believe that corporate secretarial services encompass the general managing of the corporation, including answering phones. This isn’t the case, though, as the secretary in this instance is a managerial one rather than a clerical one. By Indian corporate laws, the company secretary is also regarded as key managerial personnel.


A company secretary’s essential duty is to give detailed guidance to businesses. As was previously noted, those who provide corporate secretarial services are well-versed in legal and secretarial compliance. Consequently, they are more suited to lead organisations. 


In the above article, we learned that, contrary to what the name might imply, company secretarial services refer to the degree of administrative function within an organisation that assures excellent corporate governance, efficient administration, and compliance with the laws, statutes, and rules that affect business.

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