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What Is the Name Change Procedure In India?

Have you been contemplating a name change? If yes, let us walk you through the name change procedure in India.

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Jan 01, 2020: Citizens Rush to Aadhaar Centers for Change in Typos, Spelling Errors

Citizens across India are gathering up outside for Aadhaar correction centres. They are worried about whether minor faults and spelling mistakes in the Aadhaar will affect their citizenship status.

In October 2020 the Delhi High Court had asked the CBSE to set up a system for students to change their names and other details on their class 10 and 12 educational certificates. The Court suggested that the Board include a column or space in their forms to allow students to make the necessary changes.

In India, there are numerous reasons why a person seeks to change his name. It could be due to marriage, astrology, numerology, or the desire for a new identity. There are numerous administrative procedures to follow when changing one’s name. Likewise, don’t be concerned if you’re unfamiliar with the process of changing your name. Vakilsearch can assist you in changing your name in a simple and hassle-free manner.

Before we take you through the process of changing your name, let’s take a look at some important aspects of the name change procedure. Mainly, 

  1. What is a name change?

  2. Reasons for the name change

  3. Documents required for a name change

  4. Affidavit Sample & Format in Newspaper

  5. Vakilsearch Procedure

What is a Name Change?

A name change is a formal process of changing one’s name to one that deviates from the person’s given name at the time of birth, marriage, or adoption. Moreover, it is important to remember that a change of name has legal consequences, and if a person changes his or her name, the newly adopted name becomes the legal name of that person. Hence, before deciding on a name change, one should carefully consider its legal consequences.

Reasons for a Name Change

reason for name change

Documents Required for a Name Change

  • Advertisement in the newspaper (original and photocopy of the advertisement that is published) 
  • An affidavit declaring the name change  
  • Further, performa for name modification in the prescribed format. The performa includes the following details: 
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Mobile Number

Note – Two witnesses must sign and validate the performa and the above-mentioned information must be included.

  • A Compact Disk (CD) that contains the soft copy of the Affidavit and other supporting documents. The old name of the applicant must be indicated in place of the signature 
  • Further, a certificate stating that the contents in the CD and the hard copy details are similar 
  • Additionally, two passport size photos of the individual seeking name change
  • Xerox copies any one of the following 
  • Aadhaar card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID card
  • PAN card
  • Driving license


Affidavit Sample for Name Change


Newspaper Publication Format

Following the preparation of the change of name affidavit, at least two local newspapers (one English and one regional published in the national official language or vernacular language) must be chosen to publish a notification or advertisement of the name change. Moreover, the most important information to be published in the newspaper is the new name, the old name, and the individual’s home address. Moreover, the copies of the advertisement in the newspaper should be kept safe for future reference and use. Although you only really need one copy,  it is recommended that you make a few extra copies and keep them safe.

The format of newspaper publication is attached below – 

How Vakilsearch Can Assist in the Name Change Procedure 

We are experts at helping people like you get their names changed. To facilitate the process of changing your name our  team of professionals undertake the following mechanisms:

  • Information Collection – Our team will set up a seamless process for data collection.
  • Application Preparation – Our team will then prepare your application and submit it to the concerned department.
  • Follow Up and Other Formalities – Additionally, Vakilsearch is here to assist you throughout the process including the tedious task of following up with the government and gazette publication.

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