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What Is an AC Petition in Labour Law?

For ultimate labour protection, the AC petition as part of the labour law proves useful. The labour laws emphasize the condition of the labours and the authority in any industry or organization. Labour and management relations get strengthened by the implementation of the AC petition

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Generally, when any labour union or any employer seeks to alter or amend the certification related to a bargaining unit to add or delete titles, it is known as an AC petition or Amendment of Certification. This petition is very helpful for changing titles, to delete titles that have become obsolete, and also for title accretion when there is a community of interest and the employees are already part of the bargaining unit. 

In India, several laws are related to labour working in various sectors and industries. It is all about fair wages and the types of working hours for which the labours work in the factories or industries. In our country, after independence, several amendments have been made to the labour laws and how they should contribute to the development of the labour. The AC petition seeks either to amend or to revoke the certification of one who acts as the bargaining representative. 

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The legal rights of the labourers, what type of adversities they have to go through, wage and employment benefits, and the union role are several segments that address major labour benefit issues. For the AC petition, there is a specific form to be submitted. It contains the following significant portions:

  • First of all, the form states the purpose of the AC petition and that the petitioner is applying for it, as there is a need for amendment and alteration of any previous certification under NLRB.
  • Certain points are to be noted, like the name of the employer and the city, state and street address, the name and title of the employer’s representative, address, telephone, and fax number, along with other details like type of establishment (wholesale company, factory, or mine)
  • What the description of the certified unit is, talking about the included and the excluded varieties. In addition, as part of the AC petition, the description of the nature of the amendment should be there. The petition should also mention clearly why suddenly there is the need for an amendment of the title, at a particular working stage of the company. 
  • There is also a section that deals with the name and address of the bargaining agent, telephone, fax, mobile number, and e-mail i.d. Also, there is a space for marking the date of the current contract (the date, month, and year). There is a reference to organisations and individuals, who act as the representative of the employees who are going for the clarification or amendment. 
  • Finally, in the form, there is a segment for the petitioner’s representative who will do all kinds of paper processing. 

What are The Different Terminology Used In Labor Law?

The different terminology that is used in labour law include the following: 

  • Accretion means when new employees are made part of an already existing unit. 
  • There is also something called the advisory arbitration where a report gets issued for any kind of problems or disputes that might arise. 
  • There are agency fees and agency employees.
  • For arbitration of any kind, there is always a kind of formal hearing among the parties who are in dispute. Evidence and legal precedence along with testimony get produced. 
  • There is also attrition which means that the number of employees in any unit might get reduced due to death, disease, or retirement. In that case, there is attrition in the labour force. 
  • There is also the bargaining unit, which consists of employees with similar demands and who can bargain with the employer owing to the same grounds. 
  • There are also terms like blocking charge, the base rate and the benefits cafeteria plan.
  • There are also two interesting terms called the bumping and the business agent. Bumping deals with efficient employees sometimes replacing less senior ones where the employees are qualified for the jobs. The business agent is actually one who organizes the labour union. 
  • Card check and certification are also two terms that are in use in the industry. 
  • There is something called collective bargaining that is also used in labour law. It is when the collective demands of the employees are placed in front of the board, to talk about the wages, the working hours and other facilities that are to be provided to the employees. 
  • There is also the term confidential employee used, where the employee’s job is to look after, store and not divulge confidential information. They are not part of the bargaining unit directly and cannot even take an active part in the bargaining process. 


The submission of any online petition is always hassle-free and it does not give rise to a waste of time. It is convenient to reach out to a large number of the public within a short time. It depends on the authority whether they will accept or reject a petition. If the petition gets declined, the petitioner is informed of further updates.

There are multiple ways to promote the petition, and signing and closing the petition is yet another deal one must look forward to.

There are cases related to employee stock ownership, change of title of the concern, employee benefits on a large scale etc. that allow the petitions to develop. What form of arbitration is necessary, why that arbitration etc., need to be considered while applying for the AC petition. One can look up the information in Vakilsearch to get a consummate idea about an AC petition and how to get the best updates about AC petitions. 

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