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West Bengal Birth Certificate –

Want to know all the information about West Bengal birth certificate? If yes, then here you will find all the details here in this blog.

The citizens from West Bengal need to have birth certificates and also that it registered to get a birth certificate for their child, which the state government issues. The government has made it pretty easy to apply online for a birth certificate through the new civil registration system website of the West Bengal government.
In 14 days, every birth will be registered, and any person who wants to register the delivery has to Register of birth needs to inform the concerned office in a prescribed format besides the birth certificate from the medical institution or the person who has helped in the delivery.

If the registration is done beyond the prescribed limit, it would be accepted with a penalty of about one year (Up to). Still, if registration is registered after one year, it would be noted only on receipt of the judicial order from the magistrate besides the penalty.
Registering every birth under the state government of West Bengal is essential as per the registration of birth act 1969. The chief (Birth registrar) issues the birth certificate, one of the most critical documents citizens can ever have.

Why Do You Need A Birth Certificate?

All the residents in West Bengal must apply for a birth certificate and register the birth because it proves the individual’s nationality. The birth certificate is also essential for different purposes, including admission to school, getting a voter ID, obtaining a passport or driving license, etc.

Process of Birth Registration in West Bengal 

  The registration of birth in West Bengal can fall under these categories:

  • Births Taking Place in Government Hospitals: Here, one can get the certificate of birth from the office of the health officer 21 days from the birth date.
  • Births Taking Place In Private Hospitals: Up to a total of one year, individuals can get birth certificates from the birth hospital.
  • Births Taking Place At Homes: One can avail of the certificate of birth from the borough. However, the family head must report the birth event to the correct health ward for registration purposes. 

 Documents Required For Birth Certificate Registration in West Bengal

Whenever you are applying for birth certificates, you need to submit some documents besides the application form, and some of them are mentioned here:

  • You need to submit the place of birth proof that is issued by the medical institution where your child was born
  • Actress proof of the parents
  • Identity proof of the parents
  • It is optional to submit the marriage certificate of the parents

Fees Structure:

If you register your child’s birth within the first year, the first copy you get is free of cost. If you want extra copies of the birth certificate, you must pay INR 100 for each document.

Procedure For Obtaining A Birth Certificate

it would be best if you visited the Kolkata Municipal Corporation office to get the birth certificate in Kolkata. You can also submit the birth certificate application form besides the above-mentioned documents. This office will issue the birth certificate once you apply, and you can also download it online.

How To Get Birth Certificate Online
You must follow the below-mentioned steps to register your birth certificate online:

  • Firstly, you must visit the official and correct web portal of West Bengal’s e-district.
  • You can choose the service for birth registration by logging in to the portal of e-district
  • After logging in, an individual can enter the details and upload all the documents.
  • Once you have uploaded your documents, you can finally click on the submit option to register successfully.
  • After the successful registration, the supervisor will verify all your documents and forward your application to the concerned administrative officer. The executive officer will then approve the application and generate your digitally signed birth certificate.

You can follow the steps below to get your birth certificate on approval of your application:

  • You need to click on the option of approved application from the list of approved birth certificates.
  • Now you can download your digitally signed birth certificate.
  • You must visit the Municipal Corporation and apply in person if you do not receive your birth certificate.

How Can You Check If Your Birth Certificate Was Created Or Not In Kolkata?

Only you can obtain your birth certificate if the birth event is registered with the Kolkata Municipal Corporation:

You can follow the steps mentioned above to check if the birth certificate was obtained in Kolkata or not. Sometimes you must bring your birth certificate if you have lost it. Documents are required for delayed registration of birth in Kolkata.

You have to get written permission from the district registrar or additional district registrar of birth certificate of the hospital or a declaration from the local for granting the certification. You can apply for it through online or offline means. If you are using online, you can click on the option of permission delayed birth registration under the Kolkata district.
If you do not have the birth certificate, then you have to visit the birth search portal in West Bengal and enter your father’s and mother’s names, besides entering your birth date and clicking on the option submit. You can see the birth registration number and hospital name of the child if the birth is recorded.
Suppose the birth is not registered at the time of birth. In that case, you can get the nonavailability certificate from the Kolkata Municipal Corporation head office to produce supporting documents, including educational records, voter ID, etc.
You can also get a court order from the executive or the first-class magistrate of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. You must fill out the form and submit it to the health officer, who will verify all your information and issue the acknowledgment. The non-availability certificate is ideally an acknowledgment or endorsement from the authority stating that the certificate is unavailable to them.

To get the West Bengal birth certificate, you would need the advice of legal experts, and this is where the role of Vakilsearch comes into play. You can reach out to the experts here.

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