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How to Generate UAN in PF Account?

The article explains the process of generating UAN in PF account and the intricacies associated with the process.

Universal Account Number, in short UAN, to be assigned by Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). An individual used to get multiple Member IDs at the same time from different establishments every time he changed jobs. In order to link all these IDs under a single universal account number, UNA has been allotted to the members by EPFO. Two UAN PF Account is allotted to you and your employer, which remains constant till the company exists or till the time you work there. It remains even unchanged if you change your existing company. The Ministry of Labour and Employment department usually gets this UAN validated before providing it to the employee and employer.

The Easiest Way to Find UAN

Generating UAN is not a complicated process. Please follow the below-mentioned steps to find out your UAN and activate it.

  • Take the help of your employer: The best way to get your UAN is to check your payslips provided by your employer. Payslips mandatorily carry the UAN of the employee. Otherwise, you can contact the HR department of your office to get your UAN who usually maintains all the former and existing employee records. 
  • Check with the UAN portal: EPFO maintains a portal where you can find your account details, download your passbook, and withdraw the amount through EPF form 15g or transfer your PF whenever you change the company. You can easily get your UAN from this portal by providing some basic details about yourself. 
  • First, you have to select your state and EPFO office.
  • Next, enter your Aadhar Number and PAN number. Or else you can enter your PF number or member ID (you can get it from your employer)
  • Enter your name, date of birth, registered phone number, and captcha code. 

After entering all the necessary details, you will be directed to the page where you have to generate the authorisation pin that you will get in your registered phone number. 

  • Provide relevant information: To generate your UAN, you can take the help of Vakilsearch. There you can find the ‘Know your UAN Status’ tab. You need to click on this tab, which will ask you to feed some key information about yourself like Aadhar number, PAN details, date of birth, mobile number, and e-mail ID. After doing captcha verification, you have to click on “Get Authorization PIN”, which will come to your registered mobile number. Now you have to enter this PIN to validate the authenticity of the information provided to you. After finishing this procedure, you will receive your UAN via SMS on your registered mobile number.

Benefits of Having UAN

The concept of UAN came into use from 1st October 2014. The major purpose of allotting UAN is to simplify the employee’s process to access his PF account. 

It is made to simplify the process of PF transactions. It helps you to manage all of your PF accounts under one roof irrespective of how many jobs switches you have done in your entire career. 

It assists you by remembering your various account details along with the passwords. The UAN is changing things and helping you organise your PF accounts. If you started your job before 2014, you can easily port your account.

Characteristics of UAN

  • UAN works to consolidate all the data related to an employee and also simplify the employee verification procedure.
  • To generate UAN, you have to provide details related to your identity and bank details. The verification process will take place based on the information provided by you. 
  • It also provides information regarding your PF account to your former and existing employer. 

Advantages of Having the UAN

  • It helps you to do transactions over your PF savings. With the help of this, you can withdraw or transfer your money anytime.
  • The online UAN portal gives you and your employers hassle-free handling of your PF accounts. 
  • Your employer can easily verify your PF requests and submit PF deductions. 
  • EPFO can keep a track record of your job changes. 
  • It consolidates all your identification details along with your PF details.

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How to link UAN and Aadhar Numbers?

The Aadhar number is considered to be the key to knowing your customer or the basic document to submit your KYC to any financial organisation like a bank and EPFO. The Indian government made it mandatory to link your Aadhar number and UAN. If you have not done it so far, you need to finish this formality as early as possible. You can do it either online or offline. 

  • Online: First, you need to open the EPFO portal. Then you have to enter your UAN and registered mobile number to get the one-time password (OTP). Once you get the OTP, enter the Aadhar number and select the gender. Afterwards, select the OTP verification steps to link your Aadhar and UAN successfully. Now, click on the submit button, and the work is done. Within a couple of weeks, your Aadhar and UAN will get linked. 
  • Offline: An Aadhar linking form is available at the EPFO office. You have to fill it up along with your Aadhar and UAN. There you have to attach self-attested photocopies of your Aadhar card, PAN card, and UAN card. Then submit it to the EPFO centre. Once the verification is over, your Aadhar and UAN will be linked, and you will be notified of the same. 

The Process of Checking PF Balance Using UAN

Every employer used to state the PF balance of any particular employee at the end of a financial year. But if the employee needs to check it at any time of the year, he can use his UAN to get the details. He can make use of any of the following processes:

Use Vakilsearch`s EPF calculator to decide out how an entire lot coins is probably amassed for your EPF account even as you retire.

  • From the EPFO portal: You must visit the EPFO portal – and select the Member Passbook facility page. You must enter your UAN, password, and captcha code verification there. This will allow accessing your passbook from where it is very easy to collect the data you are looking for. 
  • Text messages: To avail of this facility, you have to type EPFOHO UAN and send it to 7738299899. You will get a reply and select the required option from the list they sent you. You will get your passbook over the SMS.
  • Through missed call: You can even give a missed call on 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number. You will be provided with your PF account details over text messages. 
  • Through the UMANG App: You can download the UMANG app from Google Playstore. Once all the verifications are done, you can easily access your PF account anywhere.  


Employee provident fund is the major source of savings for any employee in our country. It gives financial security to the working class by providing a lump sum amount of money. In many cases, people use this money for their child’s education, marriage, buying a new home, and even treatment. So having a clear view of the account is very much needed. UAN helps employees and employers with all its unique features to get every minute detail of their PF account at any time without any problem. So, get your UAN generated to avail all the facilities as early as possible. And if you need any help regarding the same, Vakilsearch can help you with the whole process.

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