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Trademark Registration in Bangalore

Get your logo’s trademark registration in Bangalore to provide your potential clients with a sense of stability regarding your company’s credibility at a reasonable cost. Keep reading to know more!

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Even though unregistered trademarks used in the sale of goods or services may have some legal protection, the burden of evidence is substantially higher if someone copies or infringes on your work. This is exactly why we consider trademark registration to be a must for all serious business owners.

Need for Trademark Registration in Bangalore

If you inadvertently infringe on someone else’s name or trademark, the registered trademark owner may sue you, and you may be forced to pay legal expenses and fines, as well as forfeit any profits made under the unregistered mark.

You may also be required to pay damages to the registered trademark owner. You’ll waste even more money on new marketing materials if you have to rebrand your firm or establish a new logo. You may even potentially lose consumers as a result of the resulting uncertainty about your product or identity.

However, by registering your trademark, you ensure that it is distinct from any other trademarks that have already been registered.

What to Know Before Applying for a Trademark in Bangalore

Under the trademark registration process, goods and services are classified into 45 ‘Classes of Trademarks.’ It is very important to identify the class in which the goods/services fit into and file an application under the relevant class. If a trademark is used for goods and services under different classes, separate applications are required to be filed under each class to get protection for your trademark for the respective goods and services.


Benefits of Applying for a Trademark in Bangalore

  • Having a registered trademark on file provides extra protection for the business owner, such as inferred ownership and a lower burden of proof.
  • You can use the symbol, “®” after your trademark, which indicates that your brand is legally registered, adding to the prestige of your company.
  • Moreover, a firm or individual should register a trademark in order to exclusively control the mark and prevent it from being misappropriated by another person or business organisation.
  • The owner of a trademark can only pursue legal action against persons or corporations that infringe their brand identity with ease only if their trademark is registered.
  • A trademark is valid for ten years after it is registered. Moreover, a trademark certificate may be renewed shortly before it expires, to continue to protect a trademark from third parties.

Get Trademark Registration Assistance in Bangalore!

Although trademark registration in Bangalore seems to be a rather straightforward procedure, it can be time-consuming for inexperienced applicants. This is why we recommend the services of our experts here at Vakilsearch.

Our team of experts have processed several trademark registrations and even have a great deal of knowledge in this arena. We are one of Bangalore’s most well-known trademark specialists. We provide 360-degree trademark registration services and even ensure that all other ancillary trademark procedures are handled under our guidance at pocket-friendly rates.

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