Trademark Classes And Its Significance

If you want to legally protect your goods and services by registering them under the trademark Act of 1999, but are unsure how to do so, you've come to the right place!

A trademark is basically a sign, design, or symbol that distinguishes one source or company from others and identifies it, and those that are used to distinguish a service are referred to as service marks. The first trademark law was introduced by the English Parliament in 1266, and it was introduced in India in 1999. Along with the product or any other display name of the business used online or off, trademarks can be added on packaging, labels, vouchers, and websites. In this blog, we will discuss why trademark classes search is important.

Why Is Trademark Essential For Your Business?

A trademark is what makes you stand out from the competition and makes it simple for customers to locate you.

 The use of trademarks promotes business expansion through social media and enhances product traffic and brand identification. Trademarks are regarded as valuable assets.

Benefits Of Registering A Trademark

It has many advantages such as

  • Brand protection is offered by trademark registration.
  • Avoiding confusing trademarks.
  • Also, this law ensures that the owner receives greater benefits.
  • It helps the owner in granting this trademark worldwide.
  • Once a trademark is registered, its owner is legally recognized as the mark’s owner.
  • After trademark registration, the owner has the legal right to prosecute anybody who uses the symbol without permission or in violation of trademark law.
  • It is common knowledge that an unregistered trademark will never be used by the public.
  • It is the simplest and least expensive approach to registering your logo.
  • A registered trademark can express the mission, caliber, and distinctive features of your product.
  • A registered trademark has the ability to be sold, assigned, or even franchised.
  • Young minds are drawn to big brands and can be drawn to them like a magnet.

Classification of Trademark Services

These trademark class search include

  • Trademark Class 1 – Chemicals
  • Trademark Class 2 – Paints
  • Trademark Class 3 – Cosmetics products and cleaning solutions
  • Trademark Class 4 – Lubricants & fuels
  • Trademark Class 5 – Pharmaceuticals
  • Trademark Class 6 – Metal goods
  • Trademark Class 7 – Machinery
  • Trademark Class 8 – Hand tools
  • Trademark Class 9 – Electrical apparatus
  • Trademark Class 10 – Medical Apparatus
  • Trademark Class 11 – Environmental control apparatus
  • Trademark Class 12 – Vehicles
  • Trademark Class 13 – Firearms
  • Trademark Class 14 – Jewellery
  • Trademark Class 15 – Musical instruments
  • Trademark Class 16 – Paper goods
  • Trademark Class 17 – Rubber goods
  • Trademark Class 18 – Leather goods
  • Trademark Class 19 – Non-metallic building materials
  • Trademark Class 20 – Furniture and another unclassified article
  • Trademark Class 21 – glass object and Housewares 
  • Trademark Class 22 – Cordage & fibers
  • Trademark Class 23 – Yarns & Threads
  • Trademark Class 24 – Fabrics
  • Trademark Class 25 – Clothing
  • Trademark Class 26 – Fancy goods
  • Trademark Class 27 – Floor coverings
  • Trademark Class 28 – sporting goods and toys
  • Trademark Class 29 – processed foods and meats
  • Trademark Class 30 – Staple foods
  • Trademark Class 31 – Natural agricultural products
  • Trademark Class 32 – Light beverages
  • Trademark Class 33 – Wines & spirits
  • Trademark Class 34 – Smoking articles
  • Trademark Class 35 – Advertising & business
  • Trademark Class 36 – Insurance & financial
  • Trademark Class 37 – construction building and repair
  • Trademark Class 38 – Telecommunication
  • Trademark Class 39 – Transportation & storage
  • Trademark Class 40 – Treatment of materials
  • Trademark Class 41 – Education & Entertainment
  • Trademark Class 42 – Law, scientific, and computer services
  • Trademark Class 43 – Hotels & Restaurants
  • Trademark Class 44 – Medical, veterinary, agriculture, horticulture, and forestry services
  • Trademark Class 45 – For the protection of people and property, security services

For more information you can contact Vakilsearch, their legal professionals can solve all your queries about trademark class search and also help you with all the legal processes involved in trademark registration.

How Does One Pick Which Classes To Register A Trademark In?

Making the choice of which classes to register your trademark in can be difficult. Your considerations should be the following when determining which category your goods or services fall under:

  • The nature and objective of the products or services
  • Whether or not the products include any raw materials
  • What tasks are performed by the service, and
  • What is the nature of the services being offered?

For example, if you intend to use your trademark on your own clothing lines, you would pick class 25 for clothing, footwear, and headgear. With the trademark, you can open a store and sell goods made by other people. 

Select class 35 (advertising, business administration, business management, office responsibilities), and then click the box next to the term “retail services” for clothing.

What Conditions Are Vital for Trademark Protection?

Here is a short summary of the characteristics to consider when choosing trademark protection for a business.

It shouldn’t be difficult to tell apart trademarks. It should be succinct and clear to aid the reader in quickly recalling it. Because they are easier to read and more watchable, short and simple terms should be used.

The mark must be distinct and have no resemblance to other brands. In order to achieve quick success, avoid copying another company’s logo, tagline, or name. Such behaviors might result in legal action.

Don’t submit a registration request for proper names and place names. No one has the authority to assert ownership over common words.


Trademark class search is essential. You won’t be able to register a trademark without it. Even if you are successful in registering, you might not be able to modify your registration name or change the product or service you are using. Therefore, selecting the correct  class is important.

You can get assistance from the qualified legal professionals at Vakilsearch to register your trademark if you are having trouble deciding which category that best describes your goods or services.


1. Where can one find information on the trademark classes?

On the Intellectual Property India website, you can find the trademark's class details (

2. What does the class 5 trademark include?

The trademark class 5 includes products such as veterinary and pharmaceutical preparations, dietetic substances and food adapted for veterinary or medical use, food for babies, sanitary preparations for medical purposes, plasters, materials for dressings, dietary supplements for humans and animals, etc.

3. The trademark classification list includes how many classes?

The trademark class search includes 45 classes.

4. What does trademark classification mean?

A general classification of marks includes service marks, certification marks, collective marks, and trademarks, each of which has its own set of regulations. There are numerous international classes defined for each of the numerous service mark and trademark categories.


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