Trademark Class 43: Hotels and Restaurants

Each class that a trademark application or registration falls under designates a specific group of services or goods.

A thorough explanation of Class 43 of the Trademark Classification Each class that a trademark application or registration falls under designates a specific class of services or goods. We cover all of the services that belong under Class 43 of trademark classification in this post.

Trademark Class 43

For the purposes of trademark registration, Trademark Class 43 primarily covers services for the provision of food, drink, and temporary housing.

Trademark Class 43 primarily consists of

  • Services rendered by individuals or organisations with the intention of preparing food and beverages for consumption, as well as services rendered to obtain lodging and board in hotels, boarding houses, or other types of temporary accommodations.
  • Reservation services for lodging, particularly through tour operators or brokers.
  • the housing of animals.

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Trademark Class 43 must NOT be used to classify the following services:

  • Real estate rental services for long-term habitation, including houses, apartments, etc.
  • Booking travel through travel agencies 
  • Food and beverage preservation services
  • Services for discos 
  • Boarding houses 
  • houses for recuperation and rest

List of Goods and Services Categorised as Trademark Class 43

  • lodging establishments (hotels, boarding houses) 
  • service bars 
  • For animals, lodging
  • Bookings for boarding houses
  • border residences 
  • cafés 
  • cafeterias
  • offering campsite amenities, 
  • canteens, 
  • furniture and glassware rentals
  • cooking equipment rental 
  • daycare centres 
  • a service that rents out water fountains
  • food carving 
  • food and beverage delivery 
  • Services for summer camps (lodging)
  • Bookings at hotels
  • Lighting equipment rentals
  • Rentals for meeting space, 
  • hotel,
  • restaurant rentals
  • retirement facilities 
  • restaurants with self-service 
  • snack-bars
  • Reservations for short-term housing 
  • renting of transitional housing 
  • renting of tents
  • Renting out portable structures as vacation homes


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