What Are The Process Required For ESI Registration?

The ESI (Employee State Insurance) registration is given to the employees in India to ensure some security for the employees and their families. This registration is provided under ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporation). ESIC is an autonomous self-financing body that is controlled by the ESI Act 1948. For the employees who exceed the minimum bar of a maximum salary of 15,000, it is obligatory for them.

ESI registration is one of the best schemes for the security of employees and their families. It was mainly introduced to provide security to workers working in private sector companies in India. It works to provide immediate treatment to any worker in case of any unforeseen circumstance related to the health of the employee or family. The worker can get benefits from the ESI registration as many times as needed during the working years.

In case of any injury to the employee, he can ensure his complete salary at the end of every month by providing the required documents. This scheme helps thousands of employees annually to manage their expenses of the hefty amount required for treatment. Every organization that has more than ten employees working in the organization is bound to provide filing ESI returns to every employee. It is compulsory for both the company and the employee.

Eligibility for ESI registration

There are a few criteria that need to be followed while considering the eligibility for ESI registration. Any organization or company that has more than ten employees and pays a basic salary of INR 15,000 is supposed to register for ESI. Such companies must register with the ESIC, fifteen days from the applicability time. Small businesses, that do not have employees, can register voluntarily for this scheme.

However, it is a must for some specific organizations to provide ESI registration to their employees. These organizations include restaurants, shops, construction companies, editing, and publishing houses, and employees working in theatres and cinemas. Also, the Central and State government does not aid hospitals and educational institutions.

Reasons to register for ESI: –

There are many benefits that workers get by registering for ESI. Some of the major benefits of ESI registration are mentioned below: –

  • Healthcare expenses for elderly persons are taken care of by the government.
  • Health insurance is provided to the employee as well as all the family members.
  • Paid leaves and pregnancy benefits are provided to women during pregnancy.
  • If any employee passes away during his/her job then their family will be provided with a monthly salary equal to 90% of the total income.
  • In case of prolonged illness, around 70% of the total salary can be claimed till the time employee is not certified fit to work again.
  • If the employee faces any temporary or permanent injury during working hours then there is a provision of monetary benefits.
  • In case of the death of the employee due to any reason, financial aid of up to 15,000 is provided for the funeral costs.
  • If the employee is unemployed, and the reason for unemployment is not related to the employee, then a minimum grant of two years is provided to the employee.
  • Other than the above-mentioned benefits, there are also financial benefits provided to employees after retirement.

So, these were the major benefits of the several benefits that an employee can get after ESI registration. Hence, it is important to register for ESIC, to get the benefits and make one’s life more secure. Now, let’s see some of the Documents Required for ESI Registration

Required Documents for ESI Registration

To verify the employment status of the employee, one has to provide various documents to the government of India. As the registration process is made online, the employee doesn’t need to provide any hard copy of the required testimonials. The following is a list of some required documents during the time of ESI registration: –

  • A canceled cheque.
  • Bank statement copy.
  • A copy of the license issued in the organization’s name.
  • Financial statement of the company’s copy.
  • A copy of the power bill.
  • A copy of the board members’ decision.
  • Lease or rent contract copy.
  • A copy of each partner or director’s voter ID and PAN.
  • A duplicate certificate of registration or incorporation.
  • And, the list of each whom the company or contractor employs directly.

These were the main documents required during the process of ESI registration. Along with the documents mentioned above, the following documents are also required in some cases.

If the employee is ESIC-registered: –

  • Appointment date.
  • Information about employee insurance.

If the employee isn’t ESIC-registered: –

  • Address and birthdate of the employee.
  • Name of the employee.
  • Employee’s name of father or husband.
  • Employer insurance number.
  • Company or organization’s name.
  • Phone number and address of the employer.
  • Employer ID number.
  • Information about the previous employee.
  • Basic information about the nominees like name, mobile number, e-mail address, and many other required things.
  • Bank details of the employee including account number, IFSC code, branch name, bank name, etc.

So, these were documents required in case the employee is or isn’t registered for ESIC. That was all about the documents required to complete the process.

Process of ESI registration: –

As the process of ESI registration is shifted from manual mode to online registration, it has become way easier than before. One can easily get registered in very less time, by following the below-mentioned steps. These steps will help you to complete the registration process quite easily and seamlessly.

  • The first step is to sign up on the ESIC portal:, and it is an easy step, similar to any other sign-up page. After filing the required details, the first step is completed.
  • After signing up, a mail is received on the employee’s registered email ID, confirming the password and username provided. The password and username are important as it helps to open the portal till the time you are working in the organization.
  • Then one must log in to the portal, and a new page will appear where the registration form is available, for the new employee. The employee then must fill in all the details along with the employer and organization details. In the end, one must click on the submit button to complete the registration form.
  • The registration will the completed after doing the payment for registration. The registration fee is a nominal amount, that can be paid online.
  • At the last step, the employee will receive the 17 digits registration number, which is generated by the ESIC portal. It ensures that the employee is successfully registered for the ESIC scheme.

Hence, in this way, any new employee can complete the registration process on the ESIC process. It is not a lengthy process if you have all the required documents with you.

Conclusion: –

Hence, that was all the major information about the ESI registration process and its requirement for the employees. Every employee must take the ESI scheme seriously, and get the benefits of it for the complete family. If you still face errors while registering for the scheme, then you can take help from an expert or a friend.

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