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FSSAI Process for Dairy Products

Dairy products are consumed on a daily basis in India. And this makes it necessary for the FSSAI to regulate. This article will walk you through the FSSAI certification process of milk products.

What Are Dairy Products?

Dairy products are any kind of milk product. Paneer, ghee, cheese, curd, and butter are dairy products. Ghee is the largest consumed milk product in India.

Milk production in India has an annual growth rate of 6-7 million tonnes. Milk products are termed essential food products as per the Essential Food Act,1955, and so the Government decides the Maximum Retail Price(MRP) for these products.

Dairy products are consumed every day, and so they should be pure without any added adulterants. To regulate the safety of the country’s population, the FSSAI has laid down some guidelines and standards that every dairy producer must comply with.

Why Should You Get an FSSAI Certification for Milk Products?

  • FSSAI certification will bag you the tag of a reputed brand in the market
  • People will buy your products by trusting you with their health
  • Expansion of business becomes feasible and easy
  • Having an FSSAI certification will attract investors, and getting loans sanctioned becomes easier
  • It will make any legal process easier and more effective for your business.

How to Get an FSSAI Registration/License for Your Dairy Business?

1. Choose the Right Type of Certification:

Depending on your annual turnover you need to apply for one of the following.

  • Basic registration: Every FBO with an annual turnover less than ₹12 lakhs must register with the FSSAI.
  • State license: An FBO with an annual turnover between ₹12 lakhs to ₹20 crores must get a state license.
  • Central license: An FBO with an annual turnover above ₹20 crores must obtain a central license.

2. Choose the Type of Business:

  • From a list of business types, you need to select the right kind of business you want to register with the FSSAI.
  • You might want to select the ‘dairy units’ category if you are a manufacturer or producer of milk products.

3. Sign Up on the FSSAI Portal:

4. Fill out the FSSAI Application Form

  • There are two forms on the site – Form A and Form B
  • Form A is for registration and Form B is for a license. Select the type of form as per your business needs.
  • Fill out the intended form with all the required details
  • FSSAI has categorized food products into codes. select the food code for which you are applying.

5. Submit the Documentation

  • The submission process required you to upload your ID proof, business address proof, FSMS declaration, and many other types of documents.


6. Make Payment for the Application:

  • Annual charges for
    • Basic registration is ₹100 per annum
    • A state license is ₹2000 per annum
    • Central license is ₹7500 per annum
  • Pay for the kind of certification you are applying for.

How Long Will It Get Your Business Registered or Licensed?

After verification and validation of all your documents, basic registration might take 7-10 days, while state and a central license can take a period of 30 days.

FSSAI Certificate Renewal

  • It is mandatory to renew your certification every year.
  • You should apply for a renewal 30 days before the expiry of the existing license.
  • In case you miss out on the renewal. you might have to pay a fine of ₹100 per day until you renew the license.
  • Any lapse within the stipulated time can get your license deactivated.


While applying for the certification you need to select the right kind of category, and documentation while applying for an FSSAI certification. You might want to seek the help of professionals. Vakilsearch will guide you through the entire process and get your business licensed in a short time.

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