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Tax-Free States In The USA

There are a few tax-free states in the USA; learn more about them here, as everything is mentioned in detail.

Ideally, saving for retirement is essential but saving money in retirement is important too. One of the best ways to save money is to move to a tax-free state. Today everybody, irrespective of age, wants a lower tax bill. One of the best ways to accomplish that might be to live in a state without any income tax requirement. Alaska, Florida, and South Dakota, Texas are some states without an income tax. States with no income tax mainly cover the lost income with other taxes or minimum services. The burden of taxation, known to measure the % of the remuneration paid in local and state taxes, can be quite an accurate measure of affordability compared to the income tax rate alone.

Healthcare cost of living job opportunities is also essential in understanding how expensive a state can be. In 2021 Alaska had the lowest tax burden in the United States of America, even though it was one of the least affordable states to live in.

It would help if you considered factors like affordability, sales excise, and property taxes before pulling up the stakes or hiring a moving company to take everything you own to one of the enlightened states.

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States With No Income Tax In The US


The Tax in the USA burden in Alaska is around 5.10%. It has no state income or any other sales tax. The state or local tax burden on Alaskans mainly includes property income sales and excise taxes, which is just around 5.10% of your income. It is the lowest tax of all 50 states. The Alaska permanent fund corporation, is resident annually and comprises the revenue or investment earnings from mineral lease rental or royalties. For 2021 the per citizen dividend payment was around $1114. Even though the cost of living in Alaska is relatively high because it is a remote location. At the same time, Alaska levies the second-highest tax on beer in the state in the union, which is 1.07 dollars per gallon. Alaska also has one of the highest-end, constantly rising healthcare expenses in the United States.


The total tax burden is around 6.97%. Sales and excise taxes in Florida are generally above the national average, but the total tax burden is the 6th lowest in the United States of America. Regarding affordability, Florida ranks 31st. In terms of the school system in 2019.


The total tax burden here is 8.23%, and the state relies mainly on the income from high sales tax on everything, including groceries to clothes. It also has sin taxes on alcohol and gambling. This results in a state-imposed tax burden on personal income, which is currently the second-highest on the list. But it also ranks high in affordability because of its high cost of living.

South Dakota

Like other states with no income tax, South Dakota ranks in revenue through different forms of taxation like cigarettes and alcohol. The Lakota homes have one of the highest sales tax rates in the country, and they are also above the property tax rates. South Dakotans generally pay 7.3% of the total income in taxes. When it comes to affordability, the state ranks 14th.

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The total tax burden here is around 8.19%. The personal income taxes are so much here that Lone Star State loathes them so much that it is decided to forbid them in the state’s constitution. It is because the infrastructure and services should be paid for somehow and taxes relies on income from sales and excise taxes to cover the bill. Sales tax is relatively high in some jurisdictions ranging to 8.25%. Property taxes are also high in most states, with a total tax burden of 8.91% of the personal income. Furthermore, taxes are the average affordability at 22nd in the nation.


Washington hosts several young populations, and the state is in its 44th term in affordability. Most employers stay in Washington because of the lack of state-mandated corporate income tax. Even though residents end up paying high taxes in terms of sales and excise, gasoline is expensive in Washington compared to other states.


Experts say that only six people per square mile stay here, the second least densely populated state after Alaska. Citizens do not pay any personal or corporate state income Tax in the USA year, and there is no retirement income tax. The total Tax in the USA burden here includes the income property sales and excise taxes that work as a percentage of personal income, around 6.14% ranking the third-lowest in the state, just like in Alaska, Wyoming, Texas, natural resources, general oil to make up for the lack of personal income tax.

New Hemisphere

The total tax burden here is around 6.84%. It does not tax any earned income but has a tax on dividends and interest. The legislation was passed to phase out the investment income by 1% yearly over five years, with full implementation by 2027. The state does not levy any state sales tax but levies excise taxes besides alcohol tax. The total tax burden in the new hemisphere ranks 5th in the nation.

Why Do States Charge Some State Taxes?

The federal government was granted the authority to impose taxes on the citizens after adopting the USA constitution. Each state has rightly retained to assess what kind of tax it generally wants.

Irrespective of the challenges of the no-tax state space, some seem to find an outstanding balance between low affordability taxes and providing a better place to live. Low taxes do not give a complete image of the cost of living for any state, which is proved here. You can check the guidelines before accepting the job or moving to these states. 


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