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Surprising Ways to Increase Your Company’s Authorized Share Capital

Read this blog to understand the different ways of increasing your company’s authorized share capital.

Each organization must procure capital to execute its day-to-day operations or accomplish its long-term goal. Credit and loans are enough to cater to the short-term wants of the company. Meanwhile, the long-standing demand seeks additional capital.

Once it involves the personal company, such demand will open up a chance to increase the company’s authorized share capital. Since every private entity returns below the radar of the Company Act, any alteration within the structure can force them to conduct their action as per the Act and rules.

At the time of private limited company registration, the authorized and paid-up. Capital is specified in the moa of the company. The company will issue new shares at intervals within the limit of such specified authorized and paid-up capital. The company must amend the MOA if it desires to issue additional shares than the desired limit.

What’s Authorized Share Capital?

Authorized share capital is the variety of stock units (shares) that a company will issue as declared in its memorandum of Association or its articles of incorporation. Authorized share capital is commonly not utilized by management to depart space for a future issue of further stock just in case the corporate has to raise capital quickly. Another excuse to stay shares within the company treasury is to retain an interest in the business.

Advertisement in the Companies Act 2013, the procedure for the rise in the Authorized share capital, has been ruled in sections 61, and 64 of the Companies Act 2013. In any case, connected with the share capital within the method of increasing the paid share capital of the corporation by issuing the contemporary equity shares, the primary step that has to be taken into consideration is the Increase in the Authorized share capital of the company.

What Are the Distinctions Between Paid Capital and Authorized Capital?

The capital of a corporation is the quantity of cash the shareholders receive to hold out the company’s business activities. The rules and laws concerning any Capital are mentioned under the ‘Capital Clause’ of the note of Association of the company.

The capital invested in a company is of 2 types –

  • Authorized Capital – this can be the most price of securities the company can lawfully issue to its shareholders in the form of shares. The authorized share capital is usually bigger than the paid-up and may be enhanced at any time with previous approval from the shareholders by passing a resolution.
  • Paid-up Capital – this can be the addition of cash that’s truly paid or invested by the company’s shareholders. Under the companies amendment Act, 2015, the need to get a minimum paid-up share capital has been removed at the time of incorporation of a company.

Pre-requisites for an Increase in authorized capital –

  • A clause that supports a rise in authorized capital should be specified in articles of Association.
  • The approval from the Shareholders.

What Are the Ways to Have an Increase in the Authorized Capital of the Company?

  • Vetting of AOA and MOA

A corporation ought to confirm its AOA and moa within the context of authorized capital. If the issuance of shares is probably going to surpass the desired limit in MOA, then the corporate should crank up its licensed capital.

Before this intentional increment, the company must confirm the matter’s lawfulness and ensure that everything complies with the norms of the Association of the company. Amending the AOA is one of the alternatives to vary such provision.

  • Alteration of AOA

To change the AOA, the company must avail authorization from the shareholders in a general meeting or AGM. Any changes created within the Article of Association must be filed with MCA within one month from the resolution date. Once the AOA, the company will move forward and follow the desired procedures to serve the purpose. 

  • Holding a Board Meeting

Companies should organize a board meeting to require the approval of the board to extend licensed share capital. Further, to choose the date and time to decide on an AGM or EGM to take the shareholders’ approval. Companies must send a notice for holding an AGM or EGM to any or all the shareholders per the rules. A director must be authorized to file all the mandatory forms with the MCA. 

  • Hold Shareholders Meeting

The company must organize the Annual General Meeting at the desired time and date to induce approval on such essential matters. Such matters ought to be resolved through normal resolution within the meeting.


  •  Intimation to the ROC

Once approved in the shareholder’s meeting, a corporation shall draft the altered MOA to extend licensed share capital. A company has got to intimate concerning identical by filing form SH-7 with the MCA. Companies must file the shape thirty days from the date of resolution. The documents required to file the same form are :

  • A copy of certified Board resolution for the alteration in AOA
  • A copy of certified Board resolution for the alteration in moa
  • Notice of AGM/EGM  
  •  A copy of the resolution shareholders
  • Altered copy of AOA 
  • Altered copy of moa 
  • Once the MCA approves, a corporation shall alter each copy of the moa and AOA. It’s necessary to include changes in AOA and moa and place it up on web site, if any.


  • Extraordinary General Meeting

Conduct the extraordinary general meeting and acquire the approval of the shareholders to extend the authorized share capital on the time, date, and place mentioned on the notice.

The approval of the shareholders to increase the authorized capital should be in the type of an ordinary resolution.

  • Allotment of Shares

Once the authorized share capital is enhanced, the paid-up share capital of the corporate is increased by the issuance of the new equity shares.

As per Section 64 of the companies Act, 2013, a notice will be sent to the concerned mythical creature by the corporate stating the increment within the authorized share capital at the side of a copy of the altered MoA. Buy our plan for increasing the company’s share capital, so we can prevent the effort of surfing the filing method.

Final Words

However, a corporation may, throughout its business operation, need other capital for expansion, meet asset necessities, and so on; a rise in authorized capital is needed for the issuance of new shares and inducting additional capital into the company.

This process is sophisticated, and long as it requires the permission of the Registrar of companies (ROC) and different filing requirements.

The company should go with all the necessary provisions when executing such action. Don’t forget to get in touch with us, just in case you would like any assistance. Your doubts are important to us, and we can attempt to resolve them intuitively and swiftly.

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