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Import and Export: How It is important for Spices Board Registration

The Spices Board Registration is required to verify that a government-approved regulating organisation licenses an exporter of listed spices.

Introduction to Spices Board Registration & Certification 

Others who wish to start export-oriented Indian spice businesses must first get clearance from the Spice Authority of India. It is found by obtaining the Spices Board registration. Indian Spice Board is the agency responsible in charge of creating India’s spice sector. The government of India formed it as a self-governing body under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The Board is guided by a Chairman and comprises 50 members from both the public and private sectors. The Board’s head office is in Kochi, with branches in Mumbai, Chennai, and New Delhi.

India is recognized for its spices. The fragrance of the spices enticed people to conquer the golden bird long already when India’s mysticism collected global attention. However, as times change and India has become a worldwide spice player, the company exporting spices is becoming hugely lucrative to many.

The Indian Spice Board gives Spice Board registration to people who wish to create a company selling spices and ensure that the firm is not corruptly duped. Any business organization that is a Manufacturer Exporter or Trader Exporter of the 52 spices and cinnamon must get Spice Board Registration, according to statutory standards.

To obtain Spices Board registration, you must follow the necessary steps. And the inability to take out that process will require the support of knowledgeable professionals. The Indian Spice Board provides Spice Board registration to entrepreneurs who ought to build a company in spice export markets and certify that the indulged company is not misused.

The Spice Board was established with the mentioned goals in mind: 

  • To encourage the development of India’s space sector 
  • To govern the export and import of spices 
  • To centralize quality assurance social rules for spices
  • To promote research and innovation in the spices industry

If you work in the spice sector, you must be enrolled with the Spice Board.

Get Your Spice Board Registration License

Spice Board Registration Eligibility Criteria

An applicant must satisfy the following requirements to be eligible for registration with the Indian Spice Board:

  • The applicant has to be a spice manufacturer or processor.
  • The applicant should have a legitimate GST registration and a viable food license.
  • The applicant should have at least two years of spice business experience.

The individual’s application will be denied if these conditions are not met.

The Functions of the Spice Board

Indian Spice Board is in charge of constructing and advancing the Indian spice industry and ensuring the quality of Indian spices is exported. In addition, the Spice Board keeps a database of all registration spice cultivation and exporters in India.

  1. The Indian Spices Board is an NPO that develops and distributes Indian spices worldwide
  2. The Board is a go-between for Indian spice export markets and overseas importers
  3. Additionally, the Spices Board is the powerful factor behind Indian Spices’ deeds for brilliance and the achievements of every segment of this organization
  4. The Spice Board’s responsibilities have included the cultivation of large and small cardamom, the advancement, growth, and guideline of spice export markets, and the class assurance of spices
  5. Indian Spices Board carries out a study on cardamom, including both types, large and small, under the guidance of the Indian Cardamom Research Center.

Why is Spices Board Registration required?

The Indian Spice Board is the country’s nodal ministry for promoting and developing the spices sector. The Board is responsible for ensuring the quality of seasonings and spice products exported from India.

Several of the Board’s responsibilities is to sign up spice trade businesses. It is a legal obligation for any company that imports, exports, or stores spices. The registration assists the Board in keeping a record of businesses and ensuring that they adhere to the quality requirements established by the Board.

The registration process is easy and can be accessed via a web browser. B Businesses can fill out the form on the Board’s website. After submitting the form, companies must pay the registration fee, which is presently 500.

It is worth noting that sending spices overseas without registering with the Spice Board may lead to 

  1. Removal of the Spice stash in hand
  2. Confinement for up to a year
  3. A penalize of up to a thousand rupees.

Spice Board Registration Timeframe in Steps

Do you want to spice up your business? The Spice Board is an excellent resource for getting your registered business and identified in the spice sector.

But how does one go about enrolling with the Spice Board? The Spice Board has a step-by-step process for signing up your business. People will explain the steps of completing the required documentation, going to charge the registration, and sending your business application form.

So, if you’re prepared to register your business with the Spice Board, keep reading for a complete guide on how to do it.

  • Offer our web interface with the necessary business information and details
  • Select a choice of your package and disburse with one of the available payment options 
  • The expert will closely review the paperwork for validity and precision before filing the application form at the Spice board
  • The professional will check with the Board daily to process spice board online registration
  • Upon acquiring CRES, they will offer a spice board license and several export eGuides.


A top-notch Spice Board for your firm’s spice storage requirements is critical. It makes sure proof of validity. Having a certificate that proves the Spices are genuine and have been checked out by credentialed experts is more than just a stamp of approval. It’s a tremendous asset if you ever have to prove how genuine your goods truly are.


Is it possible to export/import without IEC?

No, an IEC is a main document for acknowledgment as an exporter/importer by the government of India. 

Who problems an IEC?

The Directorate General approves the IEC of Foreign Trade and its regional offices throughout India.

How do I obtain a duplicate CRES if my license is lost?

Including the application and an attested copy of the IE code, an affidavit on stamp paper worth 100/- in the sample format (will be given) must be submitted.

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