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What Is the Process for the Renewal of a Spices Board Certification in India?

Do you have a spice board certificate in India but don’t know how to renew it? Worry not, follow the simple steps in this guide to know how the spices board certification works and the process for renewal of a spice board certificate

India is the world’s leading exporter of spices, with the USA and China being the biggest importers of these spices. Even 10 years back, the weight of these exported spices was approximately 5.8 million tonnes. 

There are many small and large-scale exporters in India, and a special Spice Board certificate is mandatory in all cases. 

This article focuses on the importance and process of renewing the Spice Board.

How Does the Spice Board Work in India?

  1. The Spices Board (Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India) is a non-profit entity which aims to manufacture and sell Indian spices around the globe
  2. The Board serves as a link between Indian spice producers and importers from abroad
  3. The Spices Board is the driving factor in Indian Spices’ actions for excellence and the success of each business section
  4. Its Function of the Spice Board involves the development of small and large cardamoms and its promotion and development and regulation of exports of spice
  5. It takes care of the quality control of export-oriented spices

What Is Renewal of Certificate of Registration as an Exporter of Spices All About?

The certificate of registration validity lasts three years after the block period. Anyone who wants to renew their Certificate of Registration as an Exporter must submit Form-1 to the authorities. 

Additionally, it is stated that it is subject to a monthly penalty if someone fails to renew their licence before expiry. The renewal fees are identical to the fresh application fees for the year 2018.

Additionally, the issuing Authority will not accept applications until 31st August. Exporters who do not renew their licence must apply for a new licence or registration at the time of expiration of the spice board certificate. It is also available to exporters who do not operate in any export-related business when they have a valid spice board  certificate. 

The renewal of a spice board certificate for export for the following three years cannot be considered in this case. However, if the exporter signs an export agreement or contract, he may apply for a renewal of his certificate to the Spices Board.

Eligibility Criteria for Spice Board Registration

  • Exporters who wish to sell one among the 52 spice varieties listed
  • Merchant Exporters and Manufacturer Exporters can apply for Spices Board registration
  • You must be registered with GST Registration on behalf of the company
  • You must have an import-export licence

What is the Process for the Renewal of a Spice Board Certificate in India?

  • After receiving certification from the spice boards of India, the spice board certificate will be valid for three years starting from the date of issue and expires three years after the date of grant. Anyone who wants to renew the certificate must submit an application to the Authority for the Board in the prescribed format FORM 1
  • The monthly liability may be due if a company cannot renew its licence before the expiration date. The renewal cost of the Spice Board is the same as the fees for new applications starting in the year 2018. If, for instance, three years have passed since the registration date, the spice board certificate is no longer valid throughout India
  • After 31st August, the issuing Authority will not take requests. Exporters who do not apply for certificate renewal must request another registration from the issuing Authority at the time of the certification expiration
  • Suppose any Exporters do not conduct business with exports during the validity period of their registration. In that case, the renewal of this registration will not be considered for the following three years. If, later on, such exporters sign an export agreement, they must apply for the renewal of the spice board certificate to the Spice Board

Renewal of Your Spice Board Certificate Has Benefits

  1. Continue to develop the relationship between exporters and importers
  2. The Board organises gatherings that bring together national/international organisations and decision-makers. It helps in processing inquiries about international trade, distributing the information to trusted exporters, and finding reliable suppliers for the specific requirements of importers
  3. The Board is responsible for keeping an eye on the importers and exporters of the data. Exporters thus have an advantage in increasing demand for their products
  4. Review the complaints of exporters and importers for preventative and remedial action

Penalties for Trade That Hasn’t Renewed an Approved Certificate Issued by the Spice Board

  • Fine up to 1000 
  • The maximum sentence is one year in prison

Validity for Spice Board Certificate Renewal

Three years are permitted to allow registration with the Spice Board to be valid after issuing the spice board certificate. The certificate must be renewed after three years.

What are the Permits Required for Launching the Spices Trade in India?

Business Registration

To begin a Spice venture in India First, one must have their business Incorporated according to the procedure outlined in the Companies Act 2013. In addition, generally, it is recommended to apply for aOne Person Company Registration for the first couple of days.

IEC Registration

If a company owner is looking to export his or her mix of spices, it is necessary to make an application for IEC Registration. Without the IEC Code, one cannot start an import or export business.

FSSAI Registration

Since spice powder can be considered a food product, it is mandatory to obtain the FSSAI licence or food operation licence before launching commercial operations in the food industry.

Arrange the Space for Working

It is essential to remember that when starting an enterprise in the field of spices in India, generally, a space of 250 square yards is necessary to process spices. The remaining 250 square yards are important as well to pack the finished products.

Analyze the Cost Involved

Typically, the cost of starting a spice business in India is not too high. It’s between 50,000 and 1 lakh. The exact amount will vary based on the kind of spices and condiments you want to purchase.

For instance, dealing with saffron can be more expensive than dealing with daily spices.


In short, spices play a crucial function in enhancing processed food’s aroma, taste, and flavour. Furthermore, the medical sector is a significant user of spices because of their effects on stimulants, carminative and digestive – http://www.indianspices.com

Everybody wants to establish an enterprise in the field of spices in India because there’s a great scope for earning. Just ensure to stay up to date with licensing and certificates.

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