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How to Renew a Registered Society Online?

Here are some of the ways mentioned of how one can renew the society registration online in a seamless manner.

People interested in the same things can form a society when they get together to cooperate to accomplish goals that are both mutually beneficial and analogous. These types of organizations are regulated by The Societies Registration Act, passed in 1860, and each state in our country has the authority to propose amendments to the Act above. Including the Apartments Association, the Societies are formed to maintain residential or commercial locations, which is one of their primary functions.

Before the 12-07-1996 deadline, the validity information was not included in the registration certificate. It was first implemented in 1996 by the Registrar, Shri Biswajit Bordoloi. For this purpose, the Director of Printing and Stationery was requested to print some essential provisions of the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 along with validity in the body of the registration certificate. This was done to make the amendment.

The Registration of Societies

The Society’s registration is carried out per the requirements outlined in the Act above. For a society to be officially registered, at least seven people must be present. The state governments are in charge of writing and keeping track of clubs. It is necessary to apply for the registration of a specific community to the proper authority of the state government in the location of the Society’s registered office to get the organisation officially recognised.

A charge of fifty Indian Rupees (Rs.) is given to the Registrar for every one of these registrations or whatever fees the state government specifies. The administration of the state is responsible for keeping track of any expenses of this kind that are paid.

Renewing of the Society’s Registration

According to the Act above, the registration of every Society must be updated every year. Within one month of the period during which the Society’s roster will be allowed to lapse, an application for the renewing the Society’s registration must be submitted to the Registrar along with the required fee.

Every officially recognised organisation is eligible to have its registration renewed for another five years. By the Societies Registration Act for Online Society Registration Renewal, the following is the fee schedule that applies to the registration of societies:

  • Suppose you want to renew your Society’s registration within the allotted time window. In that case, you have to pay the Registrar either the original registration fee of Rs. 200 or the lesser of the two amounts. Suppose the increased price is not higher than the amount paid at the time of society registration. In that case, the state government has the authority to periodically raise the assessed fee by making any notification deemed suitable.
  • In case if the application gets submitted within one month of the end of the validity period, an extra cost of Rs. 40 or higher must be paid by the guidelines established by the state government; however, this additional price must not exceed one-fifth of the fee described above.
  • In case if the application gets done after more than one month after expiration, the additional fee of 20 monthly or even a higher monthly cost is required. However, this higher additional monthly fee must not be above the half prices of the stated above, as notified by the state government.

When a society’s registration is renewed, the new registration period will begin on the date the previous registration’s validity period ends.

The Re-registration Process For The Registration Of A Society:

  • In the applications for the restoration of the Society’s registration, a list of the members of the managing body who were elected after the registration or after the renewing must be included.
  • Only if the Registrar had not waived the requirement to renew the society registration certificate due to its destruction, loss, or any other applicable reason was it necessary to renew the certificate.
  • To get your licence renewed, you will need to submit the following information, in addition to filling out an online application form that the state government has made available on the official website that corresponds to it:
  • The number currently assigned to the Society’s registration file
  • Please provide the name of the organisation whose registration will be updated.
  • all of the applicant’s contact information, including their phone number and email address, for example
  • It is necessary to upload every essential document.
  • After the Societies registration has been renewed, the last file number will continue to be used.

The Inability Of The Society To Renew Its Registration

If a society does not successfully renew its society registration within one year, beginning on the date when the society registration is set to expire, then that Society will be considered an unregistered society.

If there is a compelling reason, the Registrar has the authority to accept a renewing application even after one year has passed since the expiration date. However, the Registrar must collect an additional fee of at least Rs. 400, and that fee cannot be more than ten times the amount of the previously mentioned additional fee, which the state government determines.

It is necessary to renew the registration of any society established under the Societies Registration Act, which was passed in 1860[1]. The registration is valid for five years. The Continuation of the Society’s role is to be completed no later than one month before the period in which the registration will become invalid.

The procedure for re-registration is somewhat analogous to the system for first registration. After providing all of the necessary information, it is possible to perform an online re-regsitering of the society registration through the online portal provided by the state government. If a society does not apply for renewing, that Society will be considered an unregistered society.


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