Rajasthan Social Security Pension Scheme 2022

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Rajasthan Social Security Pension Scheme is understood to be a monthly monetary pension for the given target audience.  The shared pension scheme needs to be given under the Social Security Pension Scheme. This scheme is being implemented by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of Rajasthan, to assist the state’s poor aged, widowed, disabled, divorced, old men, and women. Aiding the target audience with financial assistance, the government will help the disadvantaged areas of the state through the pension program.

2022 Rajasthan Social Security Pension Plan Beneficiaries receive state benefits in various ways, including the Chief Minister Brijjan Samman Pension Scheme, Chief Minister Special Qualified Jan Samman Pension Scheme, and others.

The Scheme: Certain Major Aspects

Based on the target audience’s requirements, certain significant aspects related to the same can be considered as follows:

  • The state’s disadvantaged and financially incapable citizens will benefit from the programme. 
  • The residents of all castes and religions will have access to the program’s amenities under this plan. Scheme for Social Security Pensions in Rajasthan 
  • According to this, the beneficiary’s bank account will get the monetary amount of the pension plan
  • The beneficiary will receive the pension benefit by his age. The beneficiary must validate his social pension plan each year to get the help of the pension plan. If the pension is not validated, the beneficiary will not get any benefits from the pension plan.

Going through the above, it is clear that the scheme is made to help the poor irrespective of the caste, creed and status of the citizens. However, every aspect related to the eligibility criterion should be measured before disbursing the financial aid in accordance with the given norms.

Pension In Rajasthan

Ekal Nari Pension Scheme in Rajasthan is noted to be an overall financial aid-providing scheme in Rajasthan. Through this, state women divorced or widowed can receive pension plan benefits per the government’s norms. These women can all apply for such pensions and use these services while planning a respectable living. However, it is essential to note that women should be at most 48 years, as regarded during the application period.

Who Are the Eligible Nationals to Receive Benefits from Such a Government Scheme? 

Old Age Pension Scheme in Rajasthan: All of the state’s senior citizens will benefit from this program. Only people with annual incomes under 4,800 are eligible for this program. The beneficiary’s bank account will obtain a direct submission of the pension scheme’s money. A 60-year-old can apply for this pension via the RAJSSP in Rajasthan.

Special Qualifications for Chief Minister: The Jan Samman Pension Plan The plan’s beneficiaries will be physically frail and transgender people. Old Age Pension Plan for Small and Marginal Farmers Farmers in the state’s small towns will benefit in favorable ways.

Purpose Of The Scheme: Points to be Noted

Rajasthan RAJSSP is a scheme promoted for all, irrespective of religion, caste and creed. 

The primary goal is to assist those residents of the state who fall under the economically weaker category and whose financial situation is dire. The government will grant financial help to them every month. Rajssp Apply, The pension amount will be deposited to the bank accounts of qualifying beneficiaries for the scheme, including senior citizens, widows in need, disabled individuals, and transgender people.

Benefits from a Social Security Pension

  • All elderly residents of the state, widows, disabled individuals and divorced women will be able to use pension plans’ advantages
  • The government will use the scheme to distribute money to the beneficiaries
  • This scheme is open to all residents of the state.

Eligibility For The Social Security Pension Program

Only women who are 55 years old or older will be eligible for the Small and Marginal Farmers Old Age Pension Scheme. Men will be 58 years of age at that time.

The beneficiary must have a disability greater than 40% to qualify for the Chief Minister Special Qualified Jan Samman Pension Scheme. Physically dwarf people should not be taller than 3 feet 6 inches. Additionally, the applicant’s family’s annual income should be 60,000. People who identify as transgender are also eligible for this program.

Pension Plan for the Chief Minister, Ekal Nari Samman Only widowed, poor, and divorced women should apply, and their yearly family income must not exceed 48000.

Pension Plan for the Chief Minister, Vridhjan Samman Only senior citizens older than 55 years old and whose family income is less than 48 000 will be eligible under this.

Document For Application

If you need to make a valid application, then providing valid documentation is extremely important. 

  • The Aadhar card number of the applicant for the pension scheme
  • Voter ID Card
  • Bank account statement
  • Mobile number
  • Ration card number
  • Passport size two photos

How Do You Apply For A Pension Plan?

Applying for the pension plan requires a step-by-step approach. The readers are requested to go through the following points to understand how to make a relevant application.

  • To apply for the Rajasthan Pension Scheme, the beneficiary must first sign up for SSOID and E-Mitra. On the portal, you must register
  • The beneficiary cannot apply for benefits like a pension before registering
  • The candidate must visit the closest public SSO facility after enrolling
  • The applicant can comprehend more about pension schemes by going to the center
  • After obtaining the valuable information, the applicant must select the pension application form from the SSO center
  • After submitting the record, the applicant must provide all the requested information.
  • After completing the legislature, the applicant must give it to the SSO center along with a scanned copy of the documents requested. 

Your application process will be completed, prior to which, a receipt cannot be expected. Making an application online remain to be advantageous, as we immediately get the confirmation to vide our mobile phone or e-mail.


Please go through the following points to understand the scheme’s eligibility. In case of confusion, you are requested to visit any particular Government portals. 

  • The candidate must join the official Rajasthan Social Security Pension Scheme website.
  • The website’s home page will appear on your screen after you log in
  • After the home page has loaded, you must select this choice
  • After clicking, a new page will display on your screen, where you must confirm the criteria for pensioner eligibility. 
  • The form will appear on your screen after clicking
  • You now must complete the form by entering all the necessary data
  • Select the check option after filling out all the information
  • You can quickly determine eligibility with this method. However, making a valid application is difficult, as you must take a step-by-step approach. 

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It is very convenient to apply for the Rajasthan pension scheme, and the information above will help you to guide in the procedure. Make sure that you approach Vakilsearch in case you require professional help.

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