Rajasthan Marriage Registration

Digitalisation has been integrally implemented by the Rajasthan Government to promote the simplicity of online processes. In this article, learn how to accomplish marriage registration online particularly if you’re a resident of Rajasthan, India.

All marriages that are accomplished in Rajasthan are solemnized under the Special Marriage law (1954) or the Hindu Marriage law (1955). Traditionally marriage registration in Rajasthan is exercised in the Marriage Registrar’s Office, but now you may opt for marriage registration online. 

A married couple is awarded a marriage certificate once the Registrar approves their marital status. In this article, we will aim to analyze the marriage registration stages involved in the entire procedure of owning the Rajasthan Marriage Certificate.

Registration Under Special Marriage Law

If you are a resident of Rajasthan and wish to get married under the Special Marriage law (1954), then you and your spouse must satisfy the below-mentioned criteria:

  • On the desired date of marriage solemnization, the groom has to be at least 21 years old. On the other hand, age of the bride cannot be under 18 years of age, if found to be otherwise then the marriage will be positively disapproved. 
  • The Registrar Officer agrees to realize the marriage in either of the residencies of the bride or groom. The couple may also decide on a neutral solemnization place.
  • When you decide to marry under this Act, initially, you are notified by the court of a prospective marriage through a legal declaration. If no objection is raised by any party within one month starting from the date of initial notice then the marriage gets legal approval.


Registration Under Hindu Marriage Law

By going through the codes of conduct of the Hindu Marriage Law, you can conclude the following statements:

  • Marriage needs to be conducted following Hindu rituals
  • Both the groom and bride must belong from Hindu families
  • Under no means, marriage would be registered if the Registrar discovers that the groom is below 21 years or the bride’s age is less than 18 on the date of marriage. 
  • The residence of both the bride and the groom along with the projected location for marriage hosting must fall under the Marriage Registrar’s jurisdiction. In other words, all of these locations must be situated within the territorial borders of Rajasthan.

Marriage Registration Benefits

You can access a hoard of perks once you secure a Rajasthan marriage certificate. We have listed the most sound advantages below:

  • The marriage certificate empowers a woman by acknowledging the fact that she is married to a male whose personal details have been disclosed at the time of marriage. This acquiring a marriage certificate is highly recommended to protect the rights of women in India.
  • As we discussed in the previous section, the issuance of a marriage certificate uplifts the self-confidence, morale and social security of a wife.
  • After marriage, if you wish to change your surname in the passport, then you have to produce the marriage certificate without fail. Also, for both you and your spouse the marriage certificate is a mandatory document for availing of a Tatkal passport. 
  • The marriage certificate helps you in asserting legitimate rights over bank deposits and insurance-oriented benefits after the sudden demise of your husband/wife. Even if previously there has been no nomination set by the deceased person, still the partner is automatically selected as the end beneficiary.

List of Documents Needed

The Rajasthan State Government has vividly started the complete list of required documents that have to be presented at the time of Marriage Registration. Find the directions provided while submitting the following documents on their official website. 

  • Both the husband and wife’s age certificate
  • Address verification documents of both parties, this includes Aadhar card, passport, voter card, DL or ration card
  • PAN Card
  • Original copies of application forms
  • Affidavit 
  • Joint photograph of the newlywed couple 

Marriage Registration via e-Mitra Centre

Here, we have given you a stepwise guide on how to register your marriage and procure a marriage certificate by visiting an eMitra Centre.

Fill out the application form and provide the joint photograph of the couple. Next, draft an affidavit to hand over selected details. You must visit the service dispensing executive at an eMitra centre physically to deliver the application form, affidavit and other documents. You are assisted in each step by the service providers working at these centres.

Make sure to grab the receipt from Marriage Registrar after you have submitted the application form. In Rajasthan, marriage certificates are awarded only when no objection is raised within 1 month from the date of application. 

Marriage Registration Online

First, enter the official page of Rajasthan Civil Registration. From the homepage proceed to select the option – Amenjan fills application request. A new tab opens, please select the marriage form option to open the next window on the screen. Click on a new application, provide the visible code and press on ‘Go’. 

In the next step enter specific information such as wedding location, date and so on. Enter the name, contact information and birth date of you and your would-be spouse. 

The next portion of the application asks you to deliver witnesses’ witnesses details (two witnesses must be added for both partners). Fill out this field carefully. 

Enter the Bamashah number and base number as per the records before finally uploading the joint photograph. 

Add the OTP sent to your registered mobile number to complete the application process. Download the PDF format of the acknowledgement slip for further use.


Rajasthan Marriage Certificate Download 

You can download the marriage certificate once the Registrar issues it by visiting the web page of the Rajasthan Civil Registration Authority. The download button is placed on the homepage only. Click on this button to open another web page. Here you must put the phone number and issued registration ID followed by a captcha code to activate the digitally-compiled Marriage Registration Certificate. Press the appropriate button to complete the download. 


The Rajasthan Government has put considerable stress on mandating marriage registration processes all across the state. In this article, you have learnt about the numerous benefits that are associated with a marriage certificate. Also, we talked about the application procedures in detail to clear the frequency of poised doubts. 

Follow Vakilsearch articles to learn about marriage-related legislation in India. We update the page content as per government notifications so that you can receive vital updates on the go.

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