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Quick Guide to Checking Your FSSAI Application Status

Getting an FSSAI registration/license is mandatory for all food businesses. If you have already applied for it and are wondering what happened to it, here is a quick guide to checking your FSSAI application status.

Getting all your licenses in order can be nerve-wracking. Thankfully, these days everything is online and you can track your FSSAI application status online. All it takes is just a few clicks on your mouse. We have broken down the entire process for you here.

How to Track FSSAI License Application Status

Here is the step-by-step procedure to check FSSAI application status:

STEP 1: Visit the FSSAI website at The following page will appear on your screen:

FSSAI Application

STEP 2: Scroll down and look for the tab ‘Track Application Status’.

STEP 3: Once you click the tab, the following page will appear. To proceed, you have to fill in the 17-digit reference number received when you applied for the FSSAI license. Further, enter the captcha code and click ‘Go’.

Food license

STEP 4: Your FSSAI application status will be displayed on your screen.

Along with your application status, the page will display the following details:

  • FBO ID – The unique ID of the FBO (Food Business Operator)
  • Name of the company
  • Type of application (fresh application or renewal)
  • Address of the company
  • Date of application
  • Application reference number
  • Last date of updating
  • Application status

Meaning of Different Statuses of FSSAI Application

The different FSSAI application status has different meanings. These can be categorised as follows: 

1. Process yet to be started

If your FSSAI license status displays ‘Process yet to be started’, it means you have applied for the FSSAI license but the processing for the same is yet to get started.

FSSAI application

2. Application reverted

This FSSAI status means the authority has processed your application and has reverted to you for necessary clarification or modification. Therefore, you need to submit the response within 30 days if you want to avoid the risk of rejection of your application.

FSSAI application

3. Application rejected

As this status says, your application has been rejected by the authorities. Hence, an application gets rejected due to the non-submission of certain information by the FBO within 30 days.  

4. Inspection

This status means your application has been processed and you are due for an inspection shortly. An officer will be assigned by the authority to inspect your premises and check whether you are complying with the FSSAI safety and hygiene regulations.

FSSAI License application status

5. Registration Certificate issued

This status means the registration certificate has already been issued by the FSSAI. Additionally, the certificate is issued after the authority finds that all the information provided by you conforms to the prescribed FSSAI criteria and guidelines. Moreover, before issuing the certificate, the authority also considers the field inspection report from its designated officials.

To get more details you can also visit- FoSCos FSSAI Registration

FSSAI application

Things to Know About FSSAI Registration Number

Once you are issued an FSSAI Registration Certificate, you will be given a 14-digit registration number. Further, all FBOs need to display this number at a prominent place in their premises/business places.

The digits of the FSSAI Registration Number are into 5 sections. These are explained below:

Section 1

It includes only the first digit. It indicates whether the business has received FSSAI registration or not.

Section 2

This section includes the second and the third digits of the registration number. It denotes the state code in which the business is operational and registered.

Section 3

Likewise, this section includes the fourth and fifth numbers. Moreover, it indicates the year in which the business received the FSSAI registration.

Section 4

This section includes the sixth, seventh and eighth numbers. It denotes the quantity of enrolling master.

Section 5

This section includes the last 6 digits of the registration number and denotes the unique license number of the FBO (Food Business Operator).

Validity of the FSSAI License

The validity of an FSSAI license can be anywhere between 1 to 5 years. While applying, an FBO can decide as to the period for which they want the license. The FBO should get the license renewal before its expiry. Additionally, a late fee of ₹100 per day will be charged if an FBO applies for the renewal after the expiry of the license.  

If a business is found running without a license, a penalty will be imposed as per the applicable FSSAI rules. Moreover, the punishment/penalty can be imprisonment and/or a fine of ₹5 lakhs, as the case may be.

If you haven’t yet applied for an FSSAI license, you can get it done through Vakilsearch and save your time and energy! Further, we take care of the entire process including tracking status so that you can get your license worry-free.

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