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Property Registration In Telangana: Process & Documents

In Telangana, purchasers of real estate are required to register the sale with the state's registration and stamp office. Become familiar with the specifics of Telangana land registration, the paperwork needed to register a sale deed, and how to access Telangana land registration documents online. Let's delve into this article in depth to find the answers to your questions!

Services Provided By Telangana Registration Department

  • Property Registration
  • Registration of Marriages
  • Chit Fund Registration
  • Partnership Deed Registration
  • Societies Registration
  • Stamp Vending

Property Registration Services Offered by the Telangana Registration Department.

  • Marriage registration
  • Registration for Chit Funds
  • Deed of Partnership Registration Process for registering homes in Telangana: documents necessary for registering a land grant
  • Before going to the sub-office registrar’s to register the sale deed, the buyer must upload all the necessary documents online

As per Telangana 2020’s new registration regulations, the following documents are needed:

  • Original paperwork bearing each party’s signature
  • Certificate of Encumbrance
  • Demand draught or bank challan of full stamp duty payment
  • Card for property
  • Photo form for witnesses and executors under Section 32A
  • Identification documents for the witnesses, buyer, and seller
  • Card PAN
  • authority of attorney
  • the Aadhaar card
  • Proof of the buyer’s and seller’s addresses
  • A picture of the outside of the building
  • Pattadar passbook for land used for agriculture
  • Registration of Societies
  • Stamp Vending

Documents Required For The Registration:

  • Certificate of Encumbrance 
  • Original Document
  • Challan/DD
  • Property Card
  • Identity Proof of buyer, seller, and witness
  • PAN card
  • Power of attorney if applicable
  • Aadhaar card
  • Section 32A Photo form 
  • Two witnesses
  • Address proof – Aadhaar/Passport/Driver’s License/PAN Card/Ration Card/Voter ID
  • Photograph of the front view of the property
  • GPA /SPA if applicable
  • Webland copy, Pattadaar passbooks and title deeds for agricultural properties.


Process of Registration

  1. The Telangana Government has made the entire process of uploading documents online by starting an online portal to facilitate property registration.
  2. The applicant must visit the list and then upload all the details regarding the transaction through the Public Data Entry system.
  3. Before heading to the Registrar Office, all the required documents must be uploaded onto the system.
  4. The applicant can also make the payment online through the portal
  5. There is also an added option of choosing an appointment slot at the Registrar’s office to reduce the time taken to complete the registration
  6. Once everything is in order, the applicant must go to the office on the chosen date and time to complete the process.
  7. Based on the details uploaded, a check slip is generated and the required changes may be made by an officer at the office.
  8. At the office, the E-KYC compliances are done and the applicant’s fingerprint sample is registered and verified using the Aadhaar.
  9. However, after Aadhaar verification, all the payments, if any are left pending must be completed.
  10. Finally, the endorsements are printed and registered by the Registrar via a Document number.
  11. This document is then scanned and uploaded onto the portal, from where the applicant can download it whenever required.
  12. If the verification is unsuccessful, the applicant must re-submit the documents and make the required changes.
  13. The registration is deemed valid until the land is sold to someone else.
  14. The entire process takes around two days. One day to upload the documents online and one to visit the registrar’s office and complete the other formalities.

Should you be required to have inherited property documents registered in the SRO for Patta/Khata transfer (mutation) in Telangana?

The registration of the document is not required. The legal heirs of the deceased property owner may present his death certificate to the aforementioned officers after his passing in order to transfer the Patta or Khata. They must provide documentation to the Mandal Revenue Officer in order to transfer agricultural land ( under Andhra Pradesh Land Revenue Act). If there are offices for Corporation-Municipality, Panchayat, or City Survey, he should go there if the property is vacant land other than agricultural land or a property.

Telangana 2022: Stamp Duty

The buyer is responsible for paying the stamp duty and registration fees in Telangana at the time of registration. The accusations are:

Instrument Registration Charges Stamp Duty Transfer Charges
Sale agreement with possession 0.5% of the total property value (Min – ₹1,000 and Max – ₹20,000) 4% 0
Sale agreement without possession 0.5% of the total property value (Min – ₹ 1,000 and Max – ₹20,000) 0.5% 0
Sale agreement with GPA ₹2,000 5% (4% adjustable and 1 % not adjustable) 0
Will ₹1,000 Nil 0
Sale of semi furnished flat 0.5% 4% 1.5%
Sale of immovable properties in corporations and municipalities 0.5% 4% 1.5%


The Telangana Registration Department is tasked with offering a range of services to the general public, including the registration of partnership deeds, marriages, and property. The Telangana Registration Department assists the public with document verification and immovable property rights, titles, and obligations (if any). Connect with Vakilsearch if you are seeking an expert who can assist you with any type of registration purpose. In India, they are the leading legal service provider. You can get the registration  done in a hassle-free way!

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