Voonik Seller Registration Process – Become a Seller on Voonik

A brand-new online marketplace called Voonik is well-known for its online sales of women's fashion apparel and accessories.

Voonik is an online platform for women’s clothing and accessories that uses artificial intelligence to handpick the best outfits for each customer based on their body type, skin colour, spending limit, and preferred style. The platform offers more than 3000 brands and serves as a multi-store network with more than 15 lakh products from far more than 4000+ stores. Voonik is a fantastic sales channel for all those selling fashion goods, with over 5 million shoppers in India more than 10,000 fashion businesses currently listed on the platform. This article examines how to complete the Voonik Seller Registration process and sign up as a seller on Voonik.com.

Voonik Seller Platform

The Voonik seller platform can be used to complete Voonik seller registration. Both businesses that want to sell on Voonik and already registered Voonik sellers can use the Voonik seller platform to finish their registration and complete sales orders. Voonik Seller Registration must be completed.

  • Step 1: Visit the Voonik Seller Platform. 

To start the registration process, proceed to the Voonik seller platform as well as enter your email, password, phone number, company name, and display name.

  • Step 2: Submit Address Information 

Once the required information has been submitted, the Voonik seller enrollment process will begin, at which point the seller’s address information will be requested. In this step, the seller has the option to supply the courier with a pickup address in addition to the company’s registered address. In order to move on to the next stage, the seller’s address proof must be uploaded at the end of this step.

  • Step 3: Accepting the Sellers’ Voonik Agreement

Once the seller has provided the address information, they must approve the Voonik Understanding Memorandum or Voonik Seller Agreement in order to move on to the following phase.

  • Step 4: Give your company’s information 

The seller’s business and tax information are required in the final step. It is necessary to provide information such as the type of business (Proprietorship, Partnership, Private Limited, or Limited Company), the seller’s PAN, TIN or VAT number, TAN number, and Aadhaar card details. The PAN, TIN, TAN, and Aadhaar card files must be uploaded along with the information.

  • Step 5: Submit Bank Information 

The final step in the seller enrollment process is to submit business information before requesting the seller’s bank account username, account number, and IFSC code, as well as a copy of a voided check. A confirmation screen appears after filling the application, and a boarding representative will call to finish the process.

Requirements for Voonik Seller Registration

The following enrollments and files would be necessary in order to complete the aforementioned procedure and start selling on Voonik.

  • Registration of Businesses

Being a Voonik seller is not restricted to any particular kind of business entity. However, to benefit from liability protection and simple access to credit, we advised Voonik sellers to register as an LLP or privately held company. Additionally, registering the business as a corporation would guarantee its future scalability and transferability.

  • Registration for TIN or VAT-

Registration for VAT or TIN is necessary in order to sell on Voonik. If the seller only plans to sell unstitched clothing, VAT registration isn’t really necessary. Therefore, finishing the seller enrollment process requires that you have registered for VAT.

  • PAN and TAN

On Voonik, the seller’s PAN is a requirement. TAN is not, however, a requirement that must be met. Consequently, it is sufficient to submit a PAN with a duplicate of the PAN card: https://www.pan.utiitsl.com/

  • Bank Account

Additionally needed are the seller’s bank account and a voided check. If you are a sole proprietor, your PAN, bank account, TIN, and seller name would all be in your name. PAN, bank account, and TIN are all in the name of the business in the case of commercial entities like partnerships, LLPs, or private limited companies.

  •  Registration of trademarks

Any brand would receive a lot of visibility once they started selling on online marketplaces. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure the brand is trademarked to prevent imitation goods or rival listings for the same item in the long term. Class 25 trademark registration cover clothing and fashion products.

How to Start an Online Business 

The documentation requirements for selling on the majority of platforms are comparable. This makes it simple for a seller who has an account with Flipkart or Snapdeal to start selling on Voonik or another e-commerce platform.


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