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Police Clearance Certificate in Kerala –

The police in Kerala have the authority to grant individuals a certificate attesting to their lack of involvement in criminal activity.

A police clearance certificate is a significant document that proves a person has not been convicted of a crime, breach of trust case, or other legal infraction while residing abroad or while in their country of origin.

Different states have different requirements for obtaining a certificate. We examine Kerala’s police clearance certificate application process in this article.

Requirement for Police Clearance Certificate

The following are the primary uses of a police clearance certificate:

  • To conduct business overseas 
  • Visa requirements for entry into some countries 
  • International emigration 
  • Employer’s demand 
  • Enrolling in a university abroad 
  • Employment as a tour guide

Certificates of Police Clearance (PCC) in Kerala

The following three applicant categories are generally accepted by the Kerala Police Department when issuing Certificates (PCC):

  • Application directly in Kerala 
  • Application from within India but not from Kerala 
  • Foreign application

Just about every Certificate is subject to a ₹500 fee.

Required Documents for a Police Clearance Certificate

A certified copy of any of the following may serve as proof of address:

  • Ration card copy
  • ID of voters
  • Book SSLC
  • Passport,
  • A duplicate of the bank account passbook, 
  • An Aadhaar card

A certified copy of any of the following documents serves as identification:

  • Identity card provided by a State or Central Government institution
  • Aadhaar card 
  • A passport 
  • Voter identification card
  • Driver’s licence

A duplicate of the letter or other documentation stating that passport-size colour photos and a certificate are required (3 Nos.)

Application for a Police Clearance in Kerala

  • Step 1: Deliver the application and the aforementioned papers to the police station.

Note: The applicant or a person with authorization may submit an application for a certificate.

  • Step 2: If necessary, pay the fee in cash at the DPO or the police station. The applicant may use the e-Treasury portal to make an online payment or may send treasury cash to the proper Head of Account.
  • Step 3: Following verification, the DPC will issue the Certificate.

Certificate of Police Clearance for UAE Visa

In order to apply for an employment visa for the UAE, go to the appropriate police station; for other visa types, go to the district police chief’s office.

To verify a person’s identity, address, and involvement in criminal cases, the SHO (Station House Officer) will act quickly. After receiving the application, the SHO will issue the Certificate for such pertinent period bearing his signature and seal within three days. 

Only an officer with substantive rank of Sub Inspector, such as an Inspector SHO or SHO, should sign a police clearance certificate.

Foreign Request for Police Clearance Certificate

Anyone in need of a PCC who is currently living outside of Kerala or abroad can apply online by downloading the necessary paperwork from the Kerala Police website (,

Send the completed form, copies of the aforementioned documents that have been attested, and permission for a family member or other person to obtain the PCC by email to the relevant SHO. 

The applicant may also present the application to the SHO or DPC through a recognized individual or entity. 

Following the verification process, the SHO or DPC will issue the PCC and hand this over directly to the individual designated by the applicant to obtain the PCC on his or her behalf after verifying that person’s identity.

The PCC will be duly approved by the SHO or DPC and scanned as a Pdf file before being mailed to the candidate in the email address he specifies from the SHO’s or DPC’s official email address if he requests to obtain the PCC electronically.

Certificate of Police Clearance in Criminal Cases

A Police Clearance Certificate cannot be issued if it is discovered that the candidate is engaged in a criminal case (other than strict liability wrongdoings like traffic offences, etc.) in the police station, district, city, or anywhere else. 

The SHO or DPC will respond to the applicant in these situations to inform them that the PCC cannot be granted because of their participation in the criminal case(s) in question.

The information listed in this letter is: 

  • Crime rate 
  • Components of offence 
  • Date of the incident 
  • current state (Under investigation, Under trial or Convicted).


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