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Patent Search Services in India: What You Need To Know

If you want to know about patent search services, there are both paid and unpaid platforms. Even before how you can move forward with the concept of patent searching, you must first know what a patent is.

If you want to know in detail about patent search services in India, then first and foremost, you need to know what a patent is. It is a right that the government grants to the patent applicant or one who invents something new and exclusive. That exclusive patent belongs to the inventor. The right has no permission for others to sell, remake, export or import the products that fall under the patent category. When a patent needs to be registered, the first and the most important criterion is that it should be a unique invention. 

When you go for a patent search, you can get an idea of which patents are already listed as part of the public domain, and you can also match and compare relevant patents and also those that do not fall under patent to know whether at all something can be included within the purview of patent or not. 

Why Is Patent Search Important in This Regard?

If you want to know about patent search services in India, then you can go through the following points to find out why patent search is essential:

  • The inventor of the patent applicant readily comes to know whether the invention can be put under patent or not. If it is novel, and if it can have industrial and commercial applications. 
  • With the right search, the chance of getting your patent increases; you get a proper draft about making a patent claim as part of a patent application etc. Moreover, you can keep track of all the same types of patents in the field to know the exact filing that you need to do. With every possible search, you get the idea of how to increase the scope of any patent. 

Next, When You Start the Actual Patent Search, You Can Go Through The Following Guidelines: 

Register to Patent Search Services

    • You can go to various websites about patent searches. The most authentic part will be check with the Indian Government, which has the IP India Patent search platform of its own. 
    • First, you need to know the concept of where to start. It is different from Prior Art searching, which is more dedicated to the subject matter search in a more detailed manner. 
    • Next, you must clarify with your attorney the nature of your search that you are doing, all pros and cons, and all the details about the nature and further implication of the patent needs to be kept in mind. 
  • Then you should move on with identifying all the major or the chief features of the patent that will lead to its patentability. Every day numerous patents are launched in the market, and you have to be extra careful about the authenticity and novelty of the piece of the patent that you have. What is it that gives it an extra edge? On what grounds should it compete with the others etc. 
  • When you want to know in detail about India’s patent search services, you can also check out some of the most reliable search engines, depending on what kind of patent search you need. IP India is more reliable as it is a government platform, and you do not have to spend any amount of money when you go for this search. 
  • You need to check out and maintain certain mandatory information before you go for the patent search solutions on any platform. There should be a title, an application date, abstract, complete specification and details, application and patent number, applicant number, name and country of the inventor, name and country address of the applicant, the PCT application and the PCT publication number. 
  • What are the types of patent searches that you can do? Generally, there can be five different types of patent search, among which you first have the Freedom to Operate Search. This starts at a preliminary stage, even before the patent gets launched as part of the larger domain of the commercial market. The FTO analysis needs to be done with active or registered patents only. 
  • The second one is the novelty search that gives the inventor an idea of whether at the invention comes within the purview of patentable matter. It can include major keyword searches, International Patent Classification, assignee searches and also the search for the application ID. 
  • The next is called the State-of-the-Art search. It is a simple market survey that gives an idea about what kind of similar patents and ideas of technologies are present in the field or not. This is good for the inventor because if there is no novelty or demand, this will further stop them from spending on the invention. 
  • There can also be a patent technology and landscape analysis: this is one of the finest aspects that one can get from patent search. It is much advanced as a technique, and it includes more profound knowledge of the subject, technical expertise, existing and future competitors in the market etc. Whatever patent data is available, this method makes it clear that there should be proper insights into what the patent can do. 
  • The next is called the validity or invalidity search. If you are genuinely interested in knowing about patent search services in India, then you can go for this search. This happens only after the patent gets granted. It is a technique to find out the patent’s validity and legitimacy before it finally gets launched into the open market. 


If you are inquisitive and want to know in detail about patent search services in India, then you can, of course, talk to a reliable attorney who can give you an idea of how to file a patent and what kind of patents can be filed etc. Moreover, much seriousness is attached to a patent; hence, when you search, you should concentrate on this seriousness. 

Now, you can also take help from reliable websites like Vakilsearch, which gives you a composite idea about patents, companies, how to search for patents, how to register your patent, who can register a patent and so on. If you have any queries regarding patent search, you can always discuss them with their ever-active customer support network. This can be one of your most reliable destinations if you want to know about patent search. 

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