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The Delhi Property and Land Registration Department must be paid stamp duty and registration fees when purchasing real estate in Delhi, the nation's capital. A portion of the Delhi property registration process has been made online to save time and guarantee system transparency. Need to know how a property registration in Delhi is done. Let's get into detail.

The urban development department will soon launch a single portal that will streamline the property registration process in Delhi. Currently, a user must browse through multiple portals to calculate stamp duty, registration fees, etc. for property registration in Delhi.

Users will be able to view and download land records, including certified, digitally signed maps held by Delhi’s land record agencies as well as all other property-related both historical and current information necessary for its registration, through the new web portal.

Why Is the Registration of Property Important? 

A document’s registration serves as ‘notice to the world’ that a specific property document has been executed. Another crucial duty of registration offices is keeping records, which are, practically speaking, permanent. Such records play a significant role in the resolution of property disputes by the courts of law.

Checking and verifying the owner’s title in the property is one of the most crucial steps to take when thinking about purchasing real estate. Once you’ve purchased your dream home, you must register the property in your name for a number of reasons. 

The Benefits of Registering Your Property Include the Following

  • The property cannot be sold to anyone else once the necessary paperwork is filed in your name and the required stamp duty is paid at the Registrar’s office
  • Your name would come up in a quick search as the property’s owner, and any prior owner cannot commit fraud a new buyer
  • The state guarantees your rights to the property, so it serves as clear ownership of the land and any buildings on it.

Stamp Duty payable in Delhi

The buyer of a property is required by the Registration Act of 1908 to pay stamp duty at the time of Online Land Registration in Delhi. The ownership of a property is changed in the records of something like the government in the name of the new buyer from the old through the registration process in Delhi. The buyer won’t be able to demonstrate his ownership of the asset in court unless the property is registered in his/her name.

Gender Stamp duty rate
Man 6%
Woman 4%
Joint 5%

Registration Charge in Delhi

Regardless of their gender, all buyers in Delhi must pay 1% of the total deal value as the registration charge and stamp duty at the moment the Online Sale deed is registered.

In practice, this means that a man purchasing and registering a property in the country’s capital will be required to pay 7% of the cost of the property during the registration while a woman will pay 5% of the value. 6% of the property’s cost must be paid during the process of registration in Delhi if a house has been registered jointly in the names of a man and a woman.

Gender Registration charges
Male 1%
Female 1%
Joint 1%


What Paperwork Should You Review Before Making a Purchase?

A property dispute is a factor in nearly 60% of civil court cases in India. News stories about the fraudulent transfer of property, loan defaults, and for-sale properties that aren’t there have all been available to us. Here are the files you should check before purchasing the property in order to prevent future legal disputes:

The Seller’s Title Deed

These records would prove that the owner or seller of the property has the authorisation needed to sell it to you. It verifies his ownership of the property.

Encumbrance Certificate

An encumbrance refers to a charge or a loan on the property. Even if the loan is not for the property if the same has collateral security in a bank or a lending institution, your property is subject to forfeit by the bank. Hence, it is advisable to check for any prior encumbrances on the property. 

Building Plan Approval From Municipal Authorities

The municipal corporation specifies guidelines on the built-up area and also imposed restrictions on certain types of constriction. To ensure that the house you’re buying conforms to these specifications, you must ask the seller of the house for its building plan approval document. 

Tax Dues 

It’s a good idea to check for any pending tax dues on the property. For Delhi, this amount has a check online on the Delhi Online Registration Information System page. 

Registration of Property in Delhi

Before we move on to describe the process of registration of property in Delhi, it is important to note that the process can be done online as well as offline. However, even though the online mode, you will have to take printouts of all documents to the revenue department’s Sub-Registrar for your area. The documents required remain the same for both online and offline modes. 

Documents Required for Property Registration in Delhi 

  • Two passport-size photographs of both copies of the sale deed of buyer and seller 
  • E-Registration fee Receipt of Registration fee with undertaking / Affidavit
  • E-stamp paper of requisite value 
  • If the transaction is for more than ₹5 lacs, a self-attested copy of Pan Card or Form 60
  • Original ID Proof of the concerned Parties (Seller, Purchaser, and Witness) like voter card, pan card. Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card Details and in case of companies, power of attorney/board resolution

To register your property located in Delhi online, here are the steps to follow: 

Step 1: Create an online deed. This can be done by accessing the Delhi registration portal: and choosing the Deed Writer option from the tabs available on the home page. 

Step 2: You can choose the type of agreement – mostly – it would be a ‘sale’, however, if you’re gifting your property or setting it up for lease, you can alter your choice accordingly. 

Step 3: Choose the location of the property and add relevant details of the parties to the agreement – the seller and the buyer details as well as details of the witnesses. You will also have to enter the consideration value of the property. 

Step 4: You can calculate the stamp duty payable directly based on the circle rates in Delhi, at the website by choosing the designated office of the registrar within which your property lies. 

Step 5: Create an e-stamp paper of the requisite value. You can do so online from a website such as the Stock Holding Corporation of India, directly here.

Step 6: Fix an appointment with the revenue department in charge of your area. This can be done automatically by using the portal. Here, you will need to enter details of the locality and deed type. Check the box on all documents being ready. After getting an appointment, you will have to physically meet the revenue register with requisite documents and their Xerox copies as mentioned above at their facilitation counter.

You may also reschedule your appointment. Do take the acknowledgment receipt with the tracking number. This can be useful in checking the status of the application online. 


At the time of property registration, buyers of real estate in the national capital Delhi are required to pay stamp duty and registration fees. However, stamp duty in Delhi is kept lower for female buyers in an effort to increase home ownership. If you face any issues in property registration in Delhi, there will be experts like Vakilsearch who can help you to go through the process in a hassle-free way. In India, Vakilsearch is the number one legal service provider; it has the best lawyers and experts to educate you on the value and help you get your legal rights.

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