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NGO: Meaning & Role in Society

Are you wondering about the meaning of the term ‘NGO’? If so, let us help you understand the meaning, scope and role of an NGO in modern society. We will also be discussing the major types of NGOs in this article.

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A non-governmental organisation (NGO) is a non-profit organisation, a group or entrepreneurship of activists in society. They are voluntary individuals who are social persons working for a charitable cause.

Some Popular NGOs in India

  1. Goonj
  2. Childline India
  3. Smile Foundation
  4. Nanhi Kali
  5. Helpage India
  6. Give India Foundation’
  7. Sammaan Foundation
  8. Kiss Foundation
  9. Pratham
  10. CRY

Purpose of NGO

NGOs work towards uplifting the backward sections of the community. Moreover, a major function which is performed by NGOs is bridging the gap of inequalities and unfair treatments. Additionally, they ardently strive to make the lives of victims of injustice and poverty better. 

Additionally, these organisations work to improve the lives of women, children, and anyone else who is suffering in any way. Furthermore, the primary goal of these organisations is to create a prosperous society free of suffering and uncertainties.


Major Types of NGOs

Some of the most pivotal categories of NGOs are enlisted here: 


These are environmental non-governmental organisations. They work ardently to protect nature and save endangered species of the ecosystem. Further, Greenpeace and the World Wide Fund for Nature are two distinguished examples of ENGOs.


These types of NGOs cover the prospects of technical assistance. 


This kind of NGO lends market advocacy in the business world to help small organisations prosper. 


Business-friendly international NGOs handles business relations for the welfare of society on higher tiers. 


On a global scale, international NGOs constrain the problem impeding humanity’s prosperity.


National NGOs solve the problems related to people and the environment existing within a particular nation.


Transnational NGOs are an association of several nations. Further, they combat all the problems related to a particular set of countries. 

Importance of an NGO

  • They play a major role in uplifting women who are suffering from the chronicles of patriarchy and unfair treatments
  • NGOs battle for the rights of children. Moreover, they protect children from being sexually abused, tortured, and abandoned. Further, NGOs work on the front line to combat issues such as child labor
  • NGOs work to the best of their abilities to save old people from destitution. Additionally, they construct special old age homes for them and collect funds to improve their lives
  • NGOs work for widowed and unemployed women. Moreover, they promote handicraft and artisan prospects to give employment to poor women in rural areas and other backward communities
  • Moreover, non-governmental organisations are major rescuers of victims in times of natural calamities. They organise funds, necessary help, rehabilitation centres, and clinic services for the plight of the sufferers.

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