Complete Guide for Marriage registration Online Application

Wondering how to register your marriage online? Read this article as it will explain to you the full process of applying for online marriage registration.

A marriage certificate is a legal document that certifies the bond between bride and groom. The state government issues marriage certificates in every state of India. This article will examine the procedure of obtaining a marriage certificate.

Marriage registration

Both parties should apply to the office of the Inspector General of Registration under whose jurisdiction the marriage occurred or whether the spouses had to stay for at least six months before the wedding. To register, any of the following places should come under the jurisdiction of the registering officer

  •  Residence of groom
  •  Residence of bride
  •  Solemnization place 

Marriage registration online occurs under either the Special Marriage Act or Hindu Marriage Act. The Special Marriage Act applies to all citizens, irrespective of their religion in India. Whereas the Hindu Marriage Act only applies to Hindus.  

Eligibility criteria for Marriage registration

 The bride and groom should satisfy the following conditions to acquire a marriage certificate:

  •  The groom of the bride should be a permanent resident of India to obtain the marriage certificate
  •  At the time of marriage, the concerned parties should have a living spouse
  •  The groom should be a minimum age of 21, and the bride should be the age of 18

Online marriage registration

Offline marriage registration can be time-consuming, and certain States have come up with online portals to register marriages. For instance, Kerala has a civil registration portal to register your marriage. The portal for registration in Delhi is the general procedure to register on the website and select the marriage registration application available on the website, fill in the details and date appointment, submit the application with the supporting documents and finish the application. You can also find the portal on the national government service portal for marriage registration online:

Documents required for marriage certificate 

While applying for a marriage certificate, you should have all these documents on the application form:

  • The marriage registration form that you filled out online 
  • An affidavit of the couple is needed where the marriage has occurred, along with the marriage date, marital status, and nationality. 
  • Passport size photo of the couple and marriage invitation card 
  • Residency proof of the applicant 
  • Birth certificate of the groom 
  • Birth certificate of the bride 
  • If the marriage occurs at a religious place, then the declaration by the priest. 
  • If the couple has divorced previously, the order of divorce is necessary, and a verified copy of the death certificate in case of widow or widower.

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Benefits of registering your marriage

 Marriage is a significant change in your life. Before taking the big step, you should be responsible and consider the country’s marital rights to the residents. Only when you are legally married can you benefit from all these legal rights. There are various merits of court-registered marriage. Some ofthem are as follows:

  •  Ensuring legal right

 Marriage registration establishes legal rights without legal standing. You are curtailed from exercising your fundamental rights. Women have to face domestic violence, exploitation, abuse etc., so the Inspector General of Registration encourages you to have the marriage registered to secure your right.

  • Tax benefits

 Filing joint income tax returns to the taxing authorities enables you to manage your income responsibly. This creates a family partnership that will allow you to divide the income among family members responsibly.

  •  Benefits of property planning

 When legally married, you have the right to inherit a share of your spouse. You can also create various tasks restricted to the married couple, including marital tax reduction trust. The spouse can make financial or medical decisions on behalf of their significant other.

  •  Job Benefits

 A legally married individual can enjoy insurance benefits through the spouse’s employer. You can also take family leave to care for your partner during sickness. As per the rights, you are also entitled to receive wages of workers’ compensation and retirement plan benefits for the deceased spouse. Most organizations are allowed by rev mint leaves if your spouse or your close relatives die.

  •  Medical right

 A legal Union ensures the right to visit spouses in hospitals in the Intensive Care Unit during restricted visiting hours in other parts of the medical facility. You are also available to make any medical decision if your spouse cannot express their wishes for treatment.

  •  Family perks 

 Aligarh marriage allows you to have and maintain harmony in your relationship during difficult times. For instance, if you decide to divorce, you are liable to receive a share of the marital property. Also, you have the right to spouse or Child support, child custody, and visitation when you are separated legally.

How to apply online for marriage registration 

The State Government of Maharashtra has brought online  registration to simplify marriage registration. To make the Marriage Registration Online, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Visit the website of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation 

Step 2: Move the cursor to the online service option and select the marriage registration option

Step 3: When the online application form opens, fill the application with relevant details such as name, address, date of marriage, etc. and upload the relevant documents.

Step 4: After filling the form then duly filled, Form D will be sent to the applicant’s email, and then download the application in PDF format

Step 5: Once the online marriage registration is completed, the concerned party should visit the nearest marriage registrar’s office and submit the downloaded applications with the required and relevant documents. 

The concerned authority will issue the marriage certificate to the applicant within a week of submission. 

Summing it Up

The registration of marriage brings easy access to the rights and benefits associated with the relationship. Since the registration is in a good deal of legal objectivity and enables the law to come into play and much more solid ground, we can conclude that the registration of marriages ensures the financial stability of a married woman. 

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