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How to Make Creative Logo Design Online?

In this article, you will learn how to create a company's creative logo.


If you want to design a logo for your company, you have a unique chance to affect how customers perceive your brand. 

Everything you want to deliver or show to your prospective customer will reveal more about your company’s identity and presence in the market. Presenting a unified and clear statement about your company’s message from the start is critical. 

While creating a logo may appear simple, designing a good one is not always straightforward. It entails extensive market research, intimate knowledge of your buyer personas, and careful consideration of Logo Design Process principles. In this article, you will know the steps you need to follow to make a creative logo for your company. 

How to Design a Creative Logo for your Brand?

Define a Brand Story:

Companies are formed to make money and run a successful business; you must be able to sell yourself and your product to the consumer. Many marketers will agree that the buyers today are growing, and more than general facts about a company or its offering, they connect well with the story behind them. What does this imply for you?

Your logo should have a story to it. Yes, you heard it right! The company logo should have an emotional connection with the audience then; only it will serve you well. So before considering the look and feel of the company’s logo, you have to ask yourself what the story behind your company is and how the audience will connect to this story. Even the Online Business Trademarks are Crucial to register.

Create a List of Words That Describe Your Brand:

You can move your logo from the story stage to the setting stage. Type keywords that describe your product. Find five to ten words that will help you lay the entire concept based on what your brand does and the story behind the brand. Each of these words can fit together like puzzle pieces to help you refine a concept and include the emotional aspect of the story behind the brand. 

Ideate Sketches Based on Keywords:

Now it’s showtime! You need to put your creativity and artistic capabilities to the test. Grab a pencil and paper and begin sketching every idea that comes to mind. That should be equipped with your why and a few keywords for direction.

Enable each new idea to develop on its own. Don’t be discouraged if the first few sketches aren’t what you thought; instead, keep trying and sketching using previous sketches to make a new sketch according to what you exactly want. You could base these sketches on a shape, your company name, or both.

Create a buyer’s persona: 

After you’ve completed making a few reference sketches of the logo, you need to move back to select a few concepts you want to go ahead with, don’t overthink it; just choose the designs that keep drawing your attention and show them to others.

Share these rough drafts with trusted friends, family members, and colleagues. If possible, the idea is to bring these sketches because of the people who would eventually fit your buyer’s persona – or ideal customer profile. This gives you the most useful feedback on your artwork because it can predict how customers will perceive your brand, not just those close to you.

Prepare for candid feedback and avoid taking criticism personally, as this will only improve and add value to your final logo draft. 

Modify Your Selected Sketch:

Review the terms you found when searching for keywords in Step 2 to start refining your logo. Examine your chosen sketch and consider which terms it does not yet capture. Use them to refine your sketch and add back the characteristics you liked best about the designs you didn’t choose, as this will finally give you your final draft of the logo design. 

Create the Layout of Your Logo With Free Design Platform:

It’s time for the technical bit of designing the logo and converting your paper drawing to a digital format. Many free design platforms can recreate your sketch in digital format to bring this design to life. The layout is the most important to crack; you must first work on it to get it right.

Check that all of your text and shapes are evenly spaced and that the logo is aligned with its exterior. You must select the appropriate colour, font, and shape for the logo based on the brand and the story you created for it.

Ascertain Scalability of the Logo:

Logos are intended to represent your company on multiple platforms, including print, your website, and your social media business pages, as your company grow. You want a logo that can be supersized for a billboard but also be used on a pamphlet, so for that, the logo should be made in a scalable manner, and it is very important to ensure that while it is in the technical process. Once the Scalability is ensured, the logo is ready to go on designated platforms.


This article explains the step-by-step process of designing a creative logo for your company in this article. Many designers look out for inspirations and design ideas before finalizing one. It is very easy to find design ideas over the internet these days.

Still, one should strictly just get inspired by the design ideas and not copy from them as it would not only hamper the creativity of the logo but will also put the person copying at legal risk by other firms.

Every year there are new logos and design ideas for the company logo on the internet to give a sense to the designers who are willing to create one for a brand. 

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