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Professional Tax

Is Professional Tax Mandatory for Business?

Individuals who make a living through employment, the practice of a profession, or business are subject to the direct tax known as professional tax.


A professional tax applies to individuals who earn their living through employment, a profession, or a business practice. Professionals practising include doctors, teachers, lawyers, chartered accountants, etc. Employers withhold taxes from their employees’ monthly paychecks and deposit them with the state government. In addition to paid employees, professionals pay it directly to the government.

In accordance with the Income Tax Act of 1961, certain professions may be able to deduct the professional Tax they have paid during the fiscal year. This blog aims to answer whether professional taxation is mandatory for businesses.

Professional Tax

Upon reviewing your payslips, you will notice a slight deduction alongside the breakdown of your HRA, conveyance, and basic salary. Professional Tax is a deduction that is usually around 200 rupees. Depending on the State, professional taxes may not be deducted in some areas. Therefore, the question arises: what exactly is professional Tax?

What Exactly Is Professional Tax?

The state governments in India impose taxes on professional income. Professionals who earn a salary, such as lawyers, teachers, doctors, chartered accountants, etc., must pay this Tax. The Employer handles deducting professional taxes from the salaries or wages of salaried or wage earners and depositing them with the state government. Individuals belonging to another class are responsible for paying their taxes. The amount and calculation of the Tax will vary from State to State, but it is capped at the largest of ₹2500 per year.

Professional Tax Registration

All employers must register as professionals with the IRS within 30 days of hiring new employees. Other professions must register within 30 days of the commencement of their practice. If the Employer has many locations, registration must be requested under each State’s laws. In some cases, employers may find it difficult to comprehend the registration procedures of all the states where professional taxes are applicable.

Professional Tax Registration Certificate

Mandatory Registration

Within thirty days of the date on which company operations began, each business entity must receive the Professional Tax Certificate of Enrollment (EC) from the Profession Tax Officer.

Registration Tax for Professionals

Each Employer must pay Rs. 2500.00 in professional Tax upon registration.

Annual Professional Tax Payment

Each year in April, every registered Employer must pay a professional tax of Rs. 2500.00.

Calculating a Professional Tax

Taxation of professionals is a state matter. The method for paying the professional Tax is not set in stone. It can be paid online or offline, depending on the firm’s State. Besides, the State sets the professional tax return filing frequency and format.

According to Article 276 of the Constitution, the State Government may impose professional taxes up to a limit of ₹2,500.

Applicability of Professional Tax

  • Professional Tax is a tax on income from profession or employment levied by state governments in India.
  • Individuals who earn an income from salary or other professions, such as lawyers, teachers, doctors, chartered accountants, etc., must pay this Tax.
  • Salaried and wage earners have the Tax deducted by their Employer from their salary or wages, which is deposited with the state government.
  • Self-employed individuals are liable to pay the Tax themselves.
  • The amount of Professional Tax and the calculation method may vary from State to State, but the largest limit is INR 2500 per year.
  • Failure to pay Professional Tax can result in penalties or legal action by the state government.
  • Professional Tax is a source of revenue for state governments and is used to fund various civic amenities and services.


Those Exempted From Paying Professional Tax

Here are the exemptions provided for certain individuals to pay Professional Tax under the Professional Tax Rules in India:

  • Parents of children with a permanent disability or mental disability
  • Members of the forces as defined in the Army Act 1950, the Air Force Act 1950 and the Navy Act 1957, including members of auxiliary forces or reservists, serving in the State.
  • Badli workers in the textile industry.
  • An individual suffering from a permanent physical disability (including blindness).
  • Women only engaged as agents under the Mahila Pradhan Kshetriya Bachat Yojana or Director of Small Savings.
  • Parents or guardians of individuals suffering from a mental disability.
  • Individuals above 65 years of age.
  • These individuals are not required to pay Professional Tax as per the rules.

Process for Professional Tax Employer Registration

Registration / Incorporation of a Business

Register the company as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, or legal entity.

A Request to the Department of Professional Taxes

Send the Professional Tax Department your online Employer Registration (Enrollment Certificate) application and any necessary supporting documentation.

How to Get an Enrollment Certificate (EC)

After submitting your application, send Leave your supporting documentation so that you may get your Certificate of Enrollment (EC). States and Union Territories That Do Not Pay Professional Tax. Following are some of the Indian states and union territories where no professional tax is applicable:

  1. Arunachal Pradesh
  2. Himachal Pradesh
  3. Delhi
  4. Haryana
  5. Uttar Pradesh
  6. Uttarakhand
  7. Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  8. Daman & Diu
  9. Dadra and Nagar Haveli
  10. Lakshadweep
  11. Jammu & Kashmir
  12. Punjab
  13. Rajasthan
  14. Chandigarh
  15. Goa

Professional Tax Slabs

Professional Tax slabs in India refer to the different tax rates applied to individuals based on their income from profession or employment. In most states, the Professional Tax slabs are based on a progressive tax system, where individuals earning higher incomes are taxed at higher rates than those earning lower incomes.

The chart below exhibits the highest professional tax slab rates in various states of India

Andhra Pradesh– Monthly From 15001- 20000 150
Above 20001 200
Assam – Monthly From 10001-15000 150
From 15001-25000 180
Above 25001 208
Bihar – Yearly From 3L -5L 1000
From 5L -10L 2000
Above 10L 2500
Gujarat – Monthly Above 12000 200
Jharkhand – Yearly From 3L -5L 1200
From 5L -8L 1800
From 8L- 10L 2100
Above 10L 2500
Karnataka – Monthly Above 15000 200
Kerala – Quarterly From 12000-18000 120
From 18000- 30000 180
From 30000-45000 300
From 45000-60000 450
From 60000-75000 600
From 75000-1L 750
From 1L -1.25L 1000
Above 1.25L 1250
Madhya Pradesh – Monthly From 2.25L- 3L 1500
From 3L-4L 2000
Above 4L 2500
Maharashtra – Monthly From 7500-10000 175(Nil for women)
Above 10000 200(Feb 300)
Manipur – Yearly From 50000-75000 1200
From 75000-1L 2000
From 1L -1.25L 2400
Above 1.25L 2500
Odisha – Yearly From 1.6L -3L 1500
Above 3L 2500
Puducherry- Yearly From 1L – 2L 250
From 2L – 3L 500
From 3L – 4L 750
From 4L – 5L 1000
Above 5L 1250
Punjab – Monthly Above 2.5L 200
Tamil-Nadu – Half-yearly From 20000-30000 135
From 30000-45000 315
From 45000-60000 690
From 60000-75000 1025
Above 75000 1250
Telangana – Monthly From 15000-20000 150
Above 20000 200
West Bengal – Monthly From 10000-15000 315
From 15000-25000 690
From 25000-40000 1025
Above 40000 1250
Meghalaya – Monthly Between 50001 To 75000 200
Between 75001 To 100000 300
Between 100001 To 150000 500
Between 150001 To 200000 750
Between 200001 To 250000 1000
Between 250001 To 300000 1250
Between 300001 To 350000 1500
Between 350001 To 400000 1800
Between 400001 To 450000 2100
Between 450001 To 500000 2400
Above 500001 2500
Mizoram – Yearly Between 5001 To 8000 75
Between 8001 To 10000 120
Between 10001 To 12000 150
Between 12001 To 15000 180
Above 15001 208
Nagaland– Yearly Between 4001 To 5000 35
Between 5001 To 7000 75
Between 7001 To 9000 110
Between 9001 To 12000 180
Above 12001 208

 Professional Tax Registration and Returns

  • Rules for professional taxes can change over time.
  • Talk to experts before paying professional Tax.
  • Contact Vakilsearch for help with professional Tax for your business.
  • We can help you understand if you need to pay the Tax and explain how to register.
  • Our experts will ensure everything goes smoothly.
  • We will keep the cost as low as possible.

Consequences of Non-compliance With Regulations

Failure to Get Registration

The person will be penalised for the period during which they remain unregistered.

Failure to Deposit to the Government/Late Deposition

The person will be penalised for the period during which they remain unregistered.

Non-Deposition of Amount

  • Officials can recover the amount along with applicable penalties and interest from the defaulter’s assets.
  • They can also attach the defaulter’s bank account.
  • In serious cases, a prosecution case may also be filed.


The rules for professional taxes can change over time. It’s a good idea to talk to experts in this area before you pay your professional Tax. If you need help with professional Tax for your business, you can contact Vakilsearch. We can help you understand if you need to pay this Tax and explain how to register. Our experts will ensure everything goes smoothly and won’t cost you too much.

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