Induslnd Bank net banking [Registation Methods & Steps ]

For both residents and non-resident Indians, IndusInd Bank is a new-generation bank in India that provides commercial banking products and services. Learn how to use IndusInd Net Banking in this blog.

Customers can take advantage of Induslnd Bank net banking through IndusInd Bank services. Many financial services pertaining to IndusInd savings accounts are available to active users of the IndusInd Bank website. Customers can access the IndusInd Net Banking website from any location and at any time. Its use is quite basic and straightforward. 

Customers can use it to pay bills, open bank accounts, send money online, retrieve previous account statements, manage service requests, apply for debit cards, shop online, and do other things. 

Functions and Services of IndusInd Net Banking

The consumers are able to use the bank’s numerous services. Below are a few illustrations of these services.

Customers can see/download/print monthly account statements, read the information of issued checks as well as the debit card details, and check their account summary and transaction history.

Through NEFT/RTGS or scheduled transfers, the user can send or receive money from their account or that of a third party from within the bank or from any other bank. Manage (add, change, and delete) the beneficiaries for the net banking account.

Pay a variety of utility bills, and internet or cable fees, sign up for alerts about forthcoming payments, register for online shopping bill alerts, see the payment history, and establish fast and automatic payments.

The user can submit a number of requests through their net banking account for their standard banking transactions, including

  •  Opening any fixed deposits or regular deposits,
  •  Getting new cheque books, 
  • Declaring lost or stolen ATM, debit, or credit cards,
  • Asking for a demand draft or any of these things.
  • Signing up for mobile alerts for account statements
  • Alerting the user of a change in contact information and requesting the activation of a debit card
  • Additionally, the user has the option of creating a single login for all of their client IDs.
  • The customer has the option to review their mutual fund holdings.

The user of the bank’s net banking service can also use it to pay insurance premiums. They can also examine the exchange rates, information about their Demat account, and information about loans they have taken out with the bank. OTP is used by IndusInd to authenticate transactions and user requests, further ensuring the account’s high security.

How Does One Register For IndusInd Bank Net Banking?

To register, you must have a valid IndusInd Bank debit card and an IndusInd Bank customer ID. You may also be asked to input your date of birth and PAN card information. You can sign up for IndusInd Bank Net Banking in a number of ways.

  • Visit www.IndusInd.com to sign up for IndusInd Bank Net banking online. Before enrolling for the service by clicking the “Register Now” link, have your debit or ATM card handy.
  • By calling the IndusInd customer support center, you can sign up for IndusInd Bank Net banking.
  • By visiting the closest IndusInd branch, you can also sign up for the IndusInd Bank Net banking service.

How to log in to the IndusInd Bank Net Banking How does One access IndusInd Bank Net Banking?

Method 1

Step 1: Go to www.indusind.com, IndusInd Bank’s official online banking portal.

Step 2: Select the Login button. The next page will be presented to you.

Step 3 is where you enter your username and password.

Step 4: From the options for Account Summary, Funds Transfer, and Service Requests, choose the page you wish to land on.

Step 5: In order to access your account, the “Sign in” option.

Method 2: IndusMobile

Before selecting the “Sign in” option, type your username and select the website you want to go to after logging in. After logging in successfully, you will be directed to the page you choose.

How To Reset The Password Online?

Step 1: Open your IndusNet account and log in.

Step 2: Choose “Online Preferences” from the dashboard’s top menu.

Step 3: Select “Reset Transaction Password.”

Step 4: Enter the new password to reset the current password.

How To Transfer Money Online?

Step 1: Access IndusInd Bank’s online banking system (IndusNet).

Step 2: Select the “Funds Transfer” link on the home page.

Step 3: Depending on your needs, choose between NEFT, RTGS, or “IMPS Fund Transfer.”

Step 4: ‘Fund Transfer to Account Number’ is selected.

Step 5: Input the beneficiary account number, account type, IFSC code, and amount.

Step 6: Utilize the transaction password or the OTP to validate.

Step 7: An alert that the process was successful will be shown.

Step 8: To inform you of the pertinent status, an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number.

What Benefits Does Internet Banking at IndusInd Bank Offer?

IndusInd Bank Net banking offers a number of advantages or perks, including:

  • A bank’s services are not always available; this is the case even when you go there. Time limits apply to it. Although you may do it whenever you want, 24 hours a day when you use net banking. You can avoid going to the bank as well.
  • Convenient Financial Transactions: The most frequently used online banking services include fund transfers, bill payments, recharges, and other financial transactions. This is due to how easy the entire payment procedure is now thanks to net banking. As a result, the user can easily complete such transactions whenever it is convenient for them.
  • Organization of Statements and Transaction History: Before the advent of net banking, it was incredibly difficult to keep track of transactions and bank balances. To update the passbook and double-check information, customers had to visit the bank and wait in lines. It is now simple to keep track of previous transactions and unpaid amounts. The “Transaction History” portion of net banking organises transactions and fund transfers together with other information including the payee’s name, bank account number, the amount paid, the date and time of the payment, and remarks.
  • Safe Banking Method: Your net-banking account as well as financial transactions are protected by a login password and a transaction password. A few banks secure the account using two-factor validation on their net banking portals.
  • Access to Non-Financial Services: In addition to payment transfers, net banking gives users access to non-financial services like opening FD/RD deposits, starting investments, managing trading accounts, requesting demand draughts, checking balances, issuing checks, and more.


We hope that after reading this article, one has a better understanding of how IndusInd Net Banking works. 

Did you know?

IndusInd Bank was the first Indian bank to launch a Platinum Credit Card in the country.

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