Name an Important Document That Is Used to Apply for a Caste Certificate Online

Read this blog to understand what important documents you will need to apply for a caste certificate online.

Having a caste certificate is essential in today’s world. It proves that you belong to a specifically protected caste, especially if you are from the “Scheduled Castes” that the government lists. Applying for a caste certificate when your child is born is vital. When the child grows up, they need their caste certificate to avail themselves of the benefits that the government has provided their caste.¬† Read this article to understand the process to Apply for a Caste Certificate Online and its importance.

Importance of Caste Certificates

A caste certificate is a proof that shows that you belong to a particular caste. India has many people that belong to different castes, such as general, scheduled caste, other backward castes, and scheduled tribes. Different religions have different caste systems in India. Hence, you can prove your religion using your caste certificate. The Indian Government requires you to show your caste certificate when you want to use the benefits provided by the government. A caste certificate is essential and directed by the government to prevent upper caste people’s abuse of these benefits.

There are protective laws against discrimination against lower caste people in the Indian Constitution. Under this law, people from lower castes such as OBC, Scheduled Caste, and Scheduled Tribes have an advantage over upper caste people, getting a better chance at academic roles and government jobs. The reservation system in schools and colleges and the various quotas in government positions are set to provide people from backward castes a chance to get some power back. You need a caste certificate to avail any of these attractive posts.

Documents Required to Obtain a Caste Certificate

After understanding the importance of a caste certificate, you must know the details and process of obtaining it. You must have certain documents if you want to apply for a caste certificate. Due to the immense importance and power a caste certificate holds, the government has specific rules to avoid malpractice. When you apply for a caste certificate online, you need a pdf version of these documents to upload online.

  • You need to have proof of residence. You can upload a photocopy or a picture of your original ration card, telephone bill, electricity bill, or water bill with your current address.
  • You would need a passport size photo which displays your features.
  • You should have your parent’s caste certificate. If your parents don’t have a caste certificate, you can upload any of their academic certificates.
  • You should upload a photocopy of a valid document stating your age and address.
  • You need to upload a photocopy of your income certificate.
  • You must fill in your details correctly in the online application form.
  • To apply for a caste certificate online, you need to have a photocopy of your caste certificate affidavit.
  • You can submit a photocopy of your school leaving certificate or a migration certificate to prove your age.

Process of Applying for a Caste Certificate Online

You can now apply for a caste certificate online. It is much better than the old process and faster too. Many people in India have access to the internet and can easily apply for a caste certificate from the comfort of their own homes. You need to follow specific simple steps to obtain a caste certificate online.

  1. Firstly, find the official website for applying for a caste/ religion certificate online in your state.
  2. Different states have different requirements for the application. In some states, their websites ask you to make an account to proceed further with an application.
  3. The process of creating an account is pretty simple. After creating your account, you can log in to your account from the homepage. There is an option for downloading the Caste certificate application form after you log in.
  4. After successfully downloading the caste certificate application form, you can use your newly created username and password to log into your account again. You will get the services option.
  5. You can click on the services option to apply for a caste certificate.
  6. In some states, their websites provide direct links to download the caste certificate application form, which you can find easily on the homepage. The download is much easier this way, as you just need to click on the link for a quick download.
  7. Search for the Caste certificate option on the website. Most websites of various states feature the caste certificate option under the revenue department section.
  8. After finding and clicking on the caste certificate option, you will get an application for your caste certificate. Download this application form and fill out the details accurately.
  9. Most application forms for caste certificates include the father’s name, mother’s name, mobile number, email id, birth date, etc.
  10. After filling out the application form, fill out the additional details required by the website.
  11. After you fill out all the details, upload the necessary Caste certificate documents.
  12. After submitting all the documents carefully, submit your application form.

Validity of Caste Certificate

A caste certificate is valid for life in most states, much like a birth certificate. However, you need to renew your caste certificate: https://services.india.gov.in/service/detail/online-application-of-caste-certificate in some states every few years. The validity of a caste certificate is mentioned on the certificate itself. Caste validity is crucial if you want to apply for reservation quotas across different institutions in India. A caste validity certificate proves that your caste certificate is accurate and authentic. You can obtain a caste validity certificate by visiting your revenue office.


We hope you have finally understood what documents you would need to apply for a caste certificate in India. Applying for your caste certificate online has been a revolutionary one. It has provided better access for people that need a caste certificate. The online application allows people to edit, print and carefully fill out all the information by themselves. It takes just a few minutes to complete this simple and quick process.

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