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Can HRA be claimed for a family’s paid rent?

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House rent allowances are exempt from income tax for salaried individuals who meet the requirements of Section 10(13A) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. (HRA). However, as a working adult who still lives at home with their parents, you are free from this requirement. Read this blog post if you want to learn more.

The Definition of HRA

Housing support in the form of house rent allowances (HRAs) is provided by businesses to their employees to lower their out-of-pocket housing costs. Allowances for human resources are a crucial component of any salary. Salary workers and freelancers alike can make use of HRA.

Regularly compensated workers

Rule 2A of the Income Tax Rules is based on subsection 10(13A) of the Income Tax Act. Hence it specifies how to submit HRA. Self-employed people are not eligible for HRA exemption but receive tax benefits under section 80GG of the Income Tax Act.

The HRA Exemption Process

As promised, we’ll discuss the HRA exemption process in greater detail below. Before we get to that, let’s look at the factors influencing HRA calculations and tax exemption.

HRA Rating Factors to Consider:

  • Salary
  • Paying rental rates
  • Your current abode (metro, non-metro or rural)

Help for Retirees Act Tax Credits and Deductions

Salary workers may be able to reduce their yearly tax burden by deducting HRA contributions. In calculating a person’s housing expenditure deduction under the Income Tax Act, the lowest of the following three figures is used:

  • The amount of HRA that the company has received
  • Your bonus could be worth as much as half your regular salary if you live in a significant metropolis or as little as a third of your average salary if you work outside a major city.
  • Your rent will be collected from your paycheck at 10% every month.

Commission on sales is a percentage of what is made, in addition to “base” pay and “DA.”

HR Policies and Procedures

Important rules for the housing allowance scheme are outlined here.

  • Those who do not reside in a “metro” city, such as Mumbai or Chennai, will have their HRA calculated at 40% of their primary income, while those who do will have their HRA calculated at 50% of their basic wage.
  • It is not necessary to pay a landlord to receive HRA benefits. If the tenant files the papers required, the rent they paid to their parents can count toward their HRA exemption.
  • You can’t merely show that you’re covering your spouse’s rent and avoid the HRA rule. It’s against the law to do so, according to the Internal Revenue Service.
  • To seek a tax exemption, you must produce proof of payment through rent receipts.
  • The proper tax deductions from rental revenue cannot be made without the PAN card number of the landlord (rent received).
  • If your annual rent is more than ₹100,000 Indian Rupees, you have the legal right to ask for your landlord’s PAN number.
  • Those who receive HRA and are also homeowners must pay income tax.
  • Evaluation of Financial Stability

Helpful Hints for Putting in an HRA Claim.

When filing for home rent allowance, if your annual rent is more than Rs.1 lac, you must include copies of your rent receipts and your landlord’s PAN (HRA). A circular on the topic states that the Income Tax agency can use several technical platforms to verify taxpayer information even when a PAN is unavailable. This means that making stuff up is not a good plan.

How to Apply for a Tax Exemption Under Section 80GG.

Income tax Section 80GG deductions are capped at the lesser of the following two amounts.

  • Regular payments of one thousand rupees
  • 25 percent of the adjusted total income
  • Rent, which is 10% of adjusted income less than total income.

After removing long-term capital gains, short-term capital gains under Section 111A, Section 115A, or Section 115D, and deductions under Sections 80C through 80U, the remaining amount is the taxpayer’s “Adjusted Total Income.”

Filing for Housing Assistance When Relying on Your Parents’ Income

If you want to be eligible for HRA but still live at home with your parents, you can enter a leasing agreement with them and agree to pay them a certain amount each month. This amount qualifies as a qualifying HRA and can be deducted from your taxable income. Including the rent you’ve paid for your parents on their tax returns is required.

Hints for Deducting Your Home Loan Interest and HRA on Your Taxes

Tax breaks associated with an HRA are available to renters. However, if your primary residence is rented out and you are a tenant in another home, you may be entitled to deductions related to your mortgage and your tenancy (HRA). In such a situation, however, you must disclose all of your rental or property income to the government so that it may collect its fair share of taxes.

There can’t be tax exemptions for owned and rented houses in the same city. If you are renting because your primary residence is too far from your place of employment, you may be eligible for a tax break on your HRA contributions and housing loan interest.

Evaluation of Financial Stability

The Union Budget for 2020 includes not one but two income tax plans. The HRA deduction is no longer accessible under the current tax structure. Under the old income tax plan, however, the HRA is still deductible.


Will my HRA change if I go from a small town to a big city?

Yes. The HRA you pay is determined by the city where you genuinely reside. The share of income needed to cover housing expenses rises from 40% to 50% when relocating from a non-metro to a metro location.

How do I prove that I qualify for an HRA Exemption?

Please attach a copy of your lease, a current rent receipt, and a PAN card to your application.

Could I maybe deduct the HRA and the mortgage interest payments?

Yes. You can file for both deductions if you have the proper paperwork.

When I move out of my parents' home, could I be eligible for HRA?

Yes. To take advantage of HRA tax benefits, you may decide to rent a room from your dad.

So, how do you handle not residing in the same city as your place of employment?

A person's primary residence, rather than their employment location, will be used to calculate their HRA in this scenario.

But what if the firm is unwilling to offer the HRA Tax Benefit?

If your firm doesn't offer a tax break, you shouldn't worry. If you paid more in TDS than required, you could seek a refund by claiming the difference on your tax return.

Can both spouses who earn income apply for the HRA tax credit?

Yes. Assuming each tenant has independent proof that rent has been paid to the landlord. The income tax authorities should not have to withhold twice as much money from the landlord's property income due to any unnecessary duplication.


The House Rent Allowance (HRA) is a benefit frequently included in employee pay to assist with housing costs. Individuals in the self-employed category are eligible for tax savings in this regard. Vakilsearch is here if you need any assistance on legal matters.

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