How to Sign PDFs & Word Documents?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has allowed the use of Electronic signatures for Signing Audit Reports and certificates. The requirement to mention the UDIN applies to both manually and digitally signed reports or certificates, including certificates uploaded online.

An assigned individual or signatory can download and install the DSCs on the computer of the assigned individual or signatory. The person or an organization should apply Digital Signature online from a licensed Certifying Authority (CA).

What Is the Process to Sign a PDF Document With DSC?

Below given steps gives an overview about how to sign in pdf with DSC:

  • Open the respective file on Adobe Reader.
  • Click on the ‘Tool’ tab available at the top menu bar.
  • Click on the ‘Certificate’ option that appears in the second row.
  • A menu bar will open up with the options–‘ Digitally Sign’‘Time Stamp’, and ‘Validate All Signatures’. Click on ‘Digitally Sign’, and then click on ‘OK’ on the confirmation box that pops up.
  • Drag the mouse pointer to the spot on the document where you wish to place the digital signature.
  • Release the mouse button for the ‘Sign Document’ dialogue box to appear.
  • Against the ‘Sign as‘ button, select the right DSC: https://cca.gov.in/digital_signature.html from the displayed list and click on the ‘Sign‘ button.
  • The system will ask you to enter the DSC token provided by the Nodal Officer at the CA from where you secured your DSC.
  • Enter the DSC token and click the ‘OK’ button.
  • ‘Save As dialogue box appears to save the signed PDF document. (The chosen DSC has to match the DSC token for this box to appear).
  • Click on ‘Save’ to save the PDF file with the digital signature.
  • If the chosen DSC does not match the DSC token, a message appears that suggests you cannot move forward until they match.
  • The system will ask you to enter the DSC token PIN (as provided by the Nodal Officer at the CA and click ‘OK’).
  • Enter the right PIN to place the digital signature on the PDF.
  • If the PIN is wrong, an error message stating, “An incorrect PIN was presented to the Smart card: 3 retries left” shall appear. The blockage of your DSC token will occur after three incorrect attempts.

How to Sign a Word Document With a Digital Signature?

Below given steps gives an overview about how to digitally sign a word document using dsc:

  • Open the document file in Microsoft Word. 
  • Click on the ‘Insert’ tab on the top menu bar, and then click on the ‘Signature Line’ option available on the menu, as shown in the image below. 
  • A dialogue box will appear for confirmation. Click ‘OK’ to proceed.
  • The box for Signature Setup appears. Enter details into the suggested signer text box–signer’s title and email ID–and click ‘OK’, as shown in the image below.
  • The details and the online digital signature line (for the signature) will appear, as shown below.
  • To enter more information or to sign, double-click on the signature line. A dialogue box will appear for signature services. Click on ‘OK’ to proceed.
  • Another dialogue box appears to enter the signature. You can enter your name or upload a picture in place of your signature. Click on ‘Sign’ to proceed.
  • The system will then ask you to enter the smart card/DSC. Please insert and click ‘OK.’
  • The system will ask for the DSC PIN.
  • Enter the right PIN to place the digital signature on the document.
  • You will have five chances to enter the right DSC PIN. An error message appears for the wrong PIN. 5 incorrect attempts will block the PIN.
  • Click ‘OK’, and the name and date of signing appear.
  • This ‘locks’ the document and prevents any edits or alterations. Attempts to edit make the document remove the signature.

The Takeaway

Most documents these days demand electronic signatures for verification. Government documents also require digital signatures for e-verification. Therefore, knowing the procedure to sign a document electronically is important. To get a DSC, you should contact Vakilsearch. Experts at Vakilseach will ensure you apply for the right DSC from the Certified Authority (CA).

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