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How to Set Up a Foreign-owned Company in the USA?

Anyone who wants to set up a notable foreign owned company right in the USA can read this blog!

The USA has become a paradise for international investors due to the federal government’s considerable aid and trade agreements, the expansion of groups with middle incomes, and changing consumer views. Foreign nationals are encouraged to establish and register enterprises in the nation as a result of the country’s robust economic potential, which acts as a driving force in this regard for company setup.

The USA has made significant recovery advancements during the first half of 2022. This can be attributed to the significant increases in the number of new and returning firms and the government’s laudable efforts to boost the economy.

Facilitated by a robust supply chain concept and appealing incentives from the government, foreign investment is a critical component of economic development and capital creation in the USA.

Suppose you are an outside investor interested in growing your company in this vibrant and rapidly developing young economy. In that case, the first step is for you to educate yourself on the process of business creation. You will need to establish a legal company that complies with United States regulations before you can begin conducting business there. Depending on the organisation being discussed, this should take anywhere from one month to three months.

Choose an Appropriate Business Structure/Entity for Company Setup

The USA has several laws critical to establishing and operating domestic and foreign enterprises. Two of these laws are the Law on Investment and the Law on Enterprise.

When it comes to establishing a company in the United States, international investors have the choice between four distinct business structures, which they can select according to the market entry strategy they intend to implement, the scope of their operations, and a variety of other considerations.

Corporation With Limited Liability (LLC)

This is the most frequent sort of corporation and the best option for most small- to medium-sized business investors from outside the country. Creating a limited liability company (LLC) may begin with as few or as many as 50 members.

When it comes down to it, an investor’s responsibility in an FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) LLC is directly proportional to the amount of capital they provide. LLCs are preferred not just because they need less paperwork but also because of the increased transparency they provide. Additionally, they offer streamlined processing processes, which means you may get started in only forty-five days.

Joint-Stock Corporation (JSC)

Alternately, joint stock companies (JSCs) would be preferable for establishing bigger firms due to the absence of a limit on the total number of owners. However, to establish this kind of business, you will need the participation of at least three shareholders.

Even if a shareholder passes away, their shares may still be traded, sold, or purchased, and the business will continue to operate even after doing so. When the firm reaches a specific size threshold, becoming a JSC would also make it possible for the company to be listed on a public stock market if it chooses.

Office of the Representative

Before making a complete commitment, you should research and build a presence in the United States market if you are growing your existing firm there rather than beginning a new one there. A Representative Office is what you need in this situation.

Participation in events and promotional activities, recruiting, and TRC sponsorships are all potential benefits that may accrue from having a Representative Office. However, it can’t earn money or operate as a legitimate company since it lacks the necessary capabilities.


Subsidiary Office

In most cases, the next step after testing the United States business waters is to establish a Branch Office. A Branch Office functions under and alongside its parent firm overseas, eliminating the need for a distinct legal organisation.

Because of this, as soon as the Branch is integrated into the global network associated with your brand, you will be able to begin producing profits from your whole range of commercial operations. To set one up, you would, however, need to work with a Legal Representative that you hire.

The Procedure for Establishing a Foreign Corporation in the United States

Incorporating each of the four legal entities involves a unique set of steps, and the total time required might range anywhere from one month to three months.

Investors from other countries are strongly encouraged to carefully adhere to the stages outlined below to ensure full compliance with the United States’ process for registering foreign companies.

  • Please provide the documentation about your firm and people.
  • Find a legal representative and make sure your office address is registered.
  • You are required to get an Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) from the Department of Planning and Investment.
  • Obtain Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC)
  • Create an authentic corporate seal by engraving it (required to authorise any issued document)
  • Create a bank account specifically for your investing funds.
  • Register for taxes and get an electronic signature before submitting the form (for e-invoicing)
  • Obtain any additional kind of business licence that is required for your particular industry.

Required documents to set up a foreign-owned company in the USA.

A significant amount of documentation is involved in completing the set-up procedure for company setup in the United States. Overseas investors may need to submit extra paperwork depending on the kind of company they decide to launch.

To enter the United States, you must apply to an IRC, as was previously described. You will need to inquire about this matter with the relevant municipal authorities to proceed.

After then, to launch an official business, you will need an ERC, which validates the legal standing of your enterprise inside the nation. The following items are required for the submission:

  • Application for enterprise registration: The application must include the enterprise’s name, the address of a registered office, the business line, the charter capital of the owners, the types of shares, the number of employees, specific details of relevant partners or representatives, and tax registration credentials;
  • A list of the members of the board;
  • Constitution and articles of association of the company;
  • A copy of each member’s passport, identity card, or any other personal identification document that is currently in effect;
  • A copy of the IRC, following the requirements of the Law of Investment.


Creating a company in the United States involves going through several steps, each of which is time-consuming and highly formal. Having specialists on your side skilled in company setup, such as those found at VakilSearch, may help you save a lot of time and simplify registering your business.

Vakilsearch offers a comprehensive range of auxiliary services associated with business registration, including legal consulting, the procurement of licences and other papers, and assistance in taxation and accounting.

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