How to Know Status of My TDS Return

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During the process of TDS or tax deducted at source, tax is deducted by the deductor from the payment being made to the deductee at the time of payment or credit into his account. This is to be done after ascertaining that the deductee is eligible for a tax deduction. The deducted amount is remitted into the account of the Central Government. The deductee from whose income the tax amount has been deducted is entitled to get a credit of the deducted amount on the basis of Form 26AS. This article will inform you regarding every detail of the Know Status of My TDS Return topic. 

Tax Deducted at Source

The Tax deducted at the source must be deposited to the credit of the Central Govt. by using the following: 

Electronic Mode

E-Payment is mandatory for

  • All corporate assesses
  • All assesses other than a company come under the provisions of section 44AB of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Physical Mode

By furnishing the Challan 281 in the authorized bank branch

The process to Check the TDS Refund Status

After the refund application is made, the below-given process should be followed to check the TDS refund status

Step 1: Visit the website for e-filing

Step 2: Login using your ID and password

Step 3: Under my account, click on the Refund/ Demand Status

Step 4: The below-given details will be shown on your screen

  • Assessment year
  • Status
  • Reason for failure of refund (if any)
  • Mode of payment

Online TDS Payment

The process to Check the TDS Challan Status

TDS challan is used to deposit the tax with the govt. The status of the TDS challan can be checked by following the below-given steps: 

For Taxpayers

For taxpayers, two options are available to check the status of the TDS challan in the TIN. They are:

  • Status of CIN Challan 

Step 1: Visit the website of NSDL

Step 2: Select the Challan Identification Number (CIN)

Step 3: Enter the relevant details like the BSR Code of the collecting branch, Challan Tender Dt., and other information

Step 4: Now, click on the view option. The information will be displayed.

You can avail of the following details,

  • BSR Code
  • Serial number of the challan
  • PAN/ TAN
  • Name of the taxpayer
  • Date of Challan deposit 
  • Major Head Code with the description
  • Date of receipt
  • TAN Challan Status

Step 1: Visit the NSDL official website

Step 2: Click on the Challan Enquiry option. Select the TAN-based view

Step 3: Enter the TAN number, deposit date, month & year.

The following will be displayed on your screen,

  • Major Head Code & description
  • Nature of the payment
  • CIN
  • Minor Head Code


In case the amount entered by you is against the CIN, the system automatically verifies if the entered amount matches the amount uploaded by the bank branch.

In case it shows no records found for more than a week, you must contact the branch of the bank through which the TDS challan was deposited. 

The Process to Check the TDS Return Status Online

Every taxpayer must file a TDS return to the Income Tax department during each quarter of the financial year. This will show the TDS collected and the tax paid to the income tax department. 

The Process to Track the TDS Status Using a PAN card

Step 1: Visit the TRACES portal

Step 2: Enter the verification/ captcha code and click on Proceed

Step 3: Enter the following credentials:

  • PAN 
  • TAN
  • Quarter financial year
  • Return type.

Step 4: Click on the Go button

The process to View the TDS Statement Online

The TDS status via Form 26AS can be checked by using the following methods

Step 1: Visit the official website of e-Filing

Step 2: Register yourself if you are a new taxpayer. If already registered, enter your User ID and password to log in

Step 3: Click on my account 

Step 4: Choose View from 26AS

Step 5: Select the year and PDF format

Step 6: Download and save the file to your system

Note: This password-protected file can be opened by entering your DoB. 

Another way to check the TDS return statement is through the net banking portal. The PAN card must be linked to the net banking portal to check the same.

Tax Collecting Bank

The tax collecting banks can check the TDS challan status by using the following two options: 

  • For Bank Branch

The tax collecting bank branch can check the total no. of challans deposited and the total amount for every major head code. To avail this, it requires the major head code with description and the branch scroll date.

Other important information: 

  • Challan tender date
  • Challan serial number
  • Name of the taxpayer
  • Amount
  • TAN/ PAN
  • Date of the receipt
  • For Nodal Branch

A nodal bank branch can view the following information

  • Scroll date 
  • Major head code and description
  • Name of the taxpayer
  • TDS Amount
  • Number of challans
  • Branches

With each scroll date, it can view –

  • BSR Code
  • Branch scroll number and date
  • Number of challans 
  • Total TDS amount
  • Date of receipt 

Tax Deductor 

A deductor too can also check the status on TRACES by following the below-mentioned steps: 

View TDS Challan Status Using CIN

Step 1: First, register yourself on TRACES. If you have already registered, log in using your TIN and TAN User ID and password

Step 2: Click on the ‘Statements’ or ‘Payment’ option

Step 3: From the drop-down list, select the Challan Status

Step 4: Choose CIN and click on the Period of Payment option

Step 5: Click on Go

The result will be displayed.

View TDS Challan Status Using BIN

Step 1: First, Register yourself on TRACES. If you have already registered, log in using your TIN and TAN User ID and password

Step 2: Click on the ‘Statements’ or ‘Payment’ option

Step 3: From the drop-down list, select the Challan Status

Step 4: Choose BIN and click on the Period of Payment option

Step 5: Click on the Go option

Step 6: Enter your BIN details

Step 7: Click on consumption details

The details of the TDS challan will be displayed.


We hope this article has been of help to you to know about ‘Know Status of My TDS Return’. Now we know that TDS aims to collect tax at the source of income from eligible taxpayers. Also, the individual is entitled to receive the amount on the basis of the TDS certificate issued by the deductor. 

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