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Shops and Establishment

Shops and Establishments Registration in Punjab –

In this article, we'll go over the entire process of obtaining a Shops and Establishments Act license in the state of Punjab. Continue reading to learn about how to register under the act, the costs that apply, the paperwork that must be submitted, and more.

When you start a business in Punjab, you must register it with the state government’s Department of Labour under the Shops and Establishments Act. This Act regulates working and employment conditions in stores and commercial establishments. Continue reading for a comprehensive overview of the Punjab Shops and Establishments Act.

What Does the Shops and Establishments Act Entail?

The Punjab Shops And Commercial Establishments Act of 1958 regulates working and employment conditions in shops and commercial establishments. Moreover, its applicability covers the entire state of Punjab.

‘Shop’ means any premise where any company or operation is carried on or where facilities are offered to customers. Including offices, stores, godowns, or warehouses, whether at the same location or elsewhere, utilised in conjunction with such company or trade.

Commercial establishment means any premises wherein any business, trade or profession is carried out for profit. Additionally, it includes journalistic or printing establishments and premises in which the businesses of banking, insurance, stocks and shares, brokerage; or produce exchange are carried on; or which is used as a restaurant, boarding or eating house, theatre, cinema or another place of public entertainment or any other place which the government may declare, by notification in the Official Gazette, to be a commercial establishment as per this Act.

Who Is Required to Register Under the Shops and Establishments Act?

Registration under this act is mandatory for all the businesses that operate from any establishment or shop in Punjab. Additionally, each and every employer in Punjab must submit an application for their shop or for any commercial establishment within 30 days of starting his/her new business.

All shops, hotels, food houses, local restaurants, city theatres, places for public entertainment, and any other commercial establishment is regulated by this Act, and thus require a Shop and Establishment License registration as per the law.

Documents Required for Shop and Establishment Registration

Please keep the following documents scanned and ready with you for online registration

  • Address proof of shop/commercial establishment
  • Photo of the shop/commercial establishment’s front entrance 
  • Photo of the shop/commercial establishment’s interiors
  • Identity proof of owner/directors
  • Scanned copy of the signature of the applicant
  • Further, a copy of the rent deed or lease deed
  • A copy of the resolution, duly stamped on the company letterhead, permitting the partner/director to apply for shop and establishment act registration.
  • Power of Attorney
  • Memorandum of company
  • List of directors of the company
  • PAN Card of company and directors.

To know the exact combination of documents required to get a Shop and Establishment registration for your business, get in touch with our experts.

Benefits of Getting a Shops and Establishments License

The license obtained under the Shop and Establishment Act helps employers in: 

  • Opening a current account with ease
  • Registering for GST conveniently 
  • Availing tenders from the state department 
  • Further, obtaining the prestige of having legal status and backing
  • Inspiring trust in the creditors/suppliers and other stakeholders 
  • Getting loans sanctioned from banks and other financial institutions.

Inspection of Registers

  • It is the responsibility of every employer of an establishment to make available all the accounts and other records prescribed to be kept for review under the act by such officers as may be prescribed and to give such officers any other supplementary details in connection with the records as may be appropriate. 
  • Further, whoever contravenes the provisions of subparagraph (1) or deliberately obstructs the inspecting authority in the exercise of its powers under this Act, or conceals or prevents any employee in the establishment from appearing before or being examined by the authority, shall be liable for a fine of no less than twenty-five rupees and two hundred rupees.

Registration Fees

As per Punjab’s official website, no fee is chargeable to get a shop/commercial establishment registered.

Procedure for Registering Under the Shop and Establishment Act Through Vakilsearch

Businessmen from Punjab may apply for the Shops and Establishments license through the online portal on the government’s official website. However, the rules regarding the process of registration and the eligibility criteria can be considerably complicated for common citizens to understand. 

Further, the application forms must be filed with various tedious and complicated details. It is regarding the establishment’s name, owner’s address and employees specifications. Furthermore, these details must be recorded in the prescribed format to receive approval.

Entrepreneurs are advised to seek legal help from experts at Vakilsearch to ensure hassle-free and quick processing of their application. Determining which documents are required for registration and which jurisdictional area your establishment falls under is a complicated and time-consuming task that is best outsourced to professionals in the field. Hence, our legal professionals will not only gather the necessary information from you and file the application in the format specified choosing the right jurisdiction, but they will also email the registration certificate to you as soon as possible.

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