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Import Export Code

How to Find the IEC Code by Company Name?

In this blog, you will learn about simple steps to find the IEC code of your company easily.

IEC or the Import Export Code is a unique 10-digit number that is provided by DGFT, the Director General of Foreign Trade and is awarded to individuals who are in the import and export business of goods and amenities, trading with non-Indian individuals and companies. This code is provided based on an individual’s PAN details. To function as an Importer and Exporter business individual, it is compulsory to hold IEC unless especially exempted. One can think of the IEC code as a kind of PAN for the company. By registering under IEC these import-export companies are segregated into the following divisions: Society Registration, Trust Registration, Partnership Registration, Proprietorship Registration, HUF, LLP Registration, a limited company etc. Below we can check how to find the IEC Code by company name.

Documents Needed to Get Registered and Get an IEC

  1. A cover letter, written by the candidate on the company’s letter head.
  2. All the pages of the application must duly bear the applicant’s signature
  3. Part 1, as well as part 4, has to be filled in by the applicants and submitted via electronic media. 
  4. For part 1 of the document, it is important to refrain from submitting a hard copy. 
  5. The applicant’s application, penned in the correct format must be submitted to their nearest DGFT office.
  6. For Part 2 of the form, only the required areas are to be written in. 
  7. An application fee amounting to Rs 2.5 lakh must be initiated using Demand Draft or EFT. A duplicate copy of the bank receipt has to be attached as well. 
  8. Following Appendix 18A the applicant’s banker must provide a certificate denoting themselves to be the bankers of the firm. 
  9. Two number of photos of the Banker in passport size
  10.  An envelope stamped with a 25/- postal stamp with an address to self can be used to get delivery of IEC or it can be done with 100/- DD or challan from the bank for speed post. 

Requirements to Find the IEC Code for Your Business Concern

  • A current Bank account 
  • A certificate of your banker
  • The applicant’s PAN card number
  • The 2.5 Lac INR of the registration fee
  • The application for registration should be sent to DGFT RL to be received within 15 days
  • Although not deemed mandatory, an email address facilitates easier communication and a faster process. 

How Can I Apply for an IEC for My Company

To find the IEC code for your business you have to apply for registration at the  Directorate General of the Foreign Trade. (DGFC) office. The fee for this is Rs 250. If you have already done this and now await further steps from the government’s end you can check the status of the application in the following manner. Go to DGFT’s official website, from there to the IEC tab and there you and find out what is the status of your application. 

If you are wanting to register your business under the IEC code but cannot understand how to go through the process, follow the steps one after the other: 

  1. Visit the official page of the Directorate of Foreign trade of the Indian government. 
  2. Navigate to the “services” tab situated at the top. Here along with other options in a drop-down menu, you will see the “IEC” option.  
  3. From another submenu that appears select “Online IEC application”. 
  4. A new screen will come up where the PAN card details will be added by the applicant. Upon pressing the “search” button you will be met with a full page with various boxes. 
  5. As asked by the instructions, enter your details. Also, fill in the Captcha.
  6. Enter your phone number and your mailing details and you will get a One-time password on both your mail and phone. 
  7. You will be asked to fill in the OTP box with both passwords.
  8. Now, you will have to fill in the details of the Application Entity. 
  9. Within 15 minutes of completing the last step add in the branch details on the upper side of the same page. If you see any needful field missing, simple click “ADD”. In case of business with no branches or branch offices, keep it blank. 
  10. Details of the proprietor, Trustee or partner have to be filled in along with PAN details, birth certificate, proof of residence and mobile details and email. 
  11. Scan and upload the copies of the important documents in JPEG or PDF. 
  12. Pay your fees of rs 500/- by card payment or internet banking. After successful payment, do not forget to “verify pay” to finish the payment process. 
  13. After your verification of payment, you can print your application. Preview all the former steps to be sure you have done it all correctly. If you find any mistakes, you can correct them in this step. Once you are a hundred per cent sure, you can print your application out. 
  14. In this last step, all the former mentioned details will be displayed along with the number. The DGFT will also sit auto-selected. Click it and proceed. Now you will be able to see your e-ICE and you will also be capable of downloading it. 

Congratulations, you are successful in generating your Import Export Code (IEC code).

Please note that in the payment process you can proceed with NFT or Demand Draft of any large- National or private bank like SBI bank, ICICI bank, Punjab National etc. You can also use your online wallet to pay for the application. 

There are also certain categories of businesses that do not have to find the IEC code to continue the trade. Some of these are departments of the State and Center and trades along the Indo-Myanmar border and Indo-Nepal border not exceeding the amount of Rs 25000. 


If you, as a business owner are planning to find the IEC Code (Import Export Code) but do not know how to begin, worry not. You can get help from us at Vakilsearch, India’s premier online legal forum. We have a team of Qualified Chartered Accountants and law personnel who will guide you every step of the way to your IEC code:

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